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Wrocław Food and Drink

Bar Pierożek

Bar Pierożek Wrocław Księcia Józefa Poniatowskiego

We couldn’t come to Poland and not sample some pierogi and were recommended this local spot, slightly out of the city centre. Pierogi are dumplings usually filled with ingredients like potatoes, cheese, meat, or fruit. They’re boiled or fried and often served with sour cream.

Bar Pierożek have plates of pierogi starting from 19,80 zloty (£3.79), making this a super affordable way to fill up on a classic Polish dish that’s popular for good reason.

We went for the ‘Z Miesem’ / ‘Meat’ pierogi for 21,10 zloty (£4.04) which came served hot with onions. Delicious!

Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia

Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia

We stumbled upon this place on our way home as I was feeling a bit peckish and they were still serving food at 11:15pm!
The menu does have some meat but is largely plant based and the veggie burger was amazing – so tasty! For this I paid a reasonable 29 zloty (£5.56).

Klubokawiarnia Mleczarnia has a huge outdoor courtyard but I loved sitting inside as it’s super dark inside, with candles lighting up the space. It really felt like I was sat in some bar deep in the pits of Paris during the Bohemian era… Definitely a place to check out!


Dinette Wrocław

Price wise, you’re taking a step up here but the food was really notable!

We ate lots of great food in Wroclaw, but this felt like they’d really thought through the elements of the menu to make it a more elevated meal rather than a set ‘burger and chips’ or ‘meat with vegetables’.

James had a charred corn and chicken dish whilst I went for some prawns and chorizo along with a side of potatoes and aioli. It was so good!

This could definitely work as a treat meal if you’re on a tighter budget. Dinette are said to do a great breakfast here too, and they serve baked products as well.

Oh, and the cocktails are really tasty too. We managed to sneak one in with our dinner!


Cocofli Wrocław

Wrocław’s Cocofli has books, it has art, it serves coffee and it’s a wine bar too. It’s win win win win!

Whilst the wine is slightly more expensive than Zbawcy Win which is just a few doors down, you can buy a carafe of ‘table wine’ which makes this an affordable place to sink a few glasses.

James and I ordered 500ml of the ‘red table wine’ for 47 zloty (£8.99) and it was very drinkable. The setting in the evening is quite magical too – I loved the glow from all the books!

Nafta Neo Bistro

Nafta Neo Bistro Wrocław

The fine-dining Nafta Neo Bistro started as a hidden gem, revealing its location on the day of your visit. Now, it’s come out of the shadows and is a known spot! Get ready for top-notch quality and an ultra-creative menu.

Nafta Neo Bistro is in a chic loft and has three seating spots: indoors with lots of decadent wood decor, a patio with tons of plants and greenery, and a gorgeous garden area. The only catch while sitting outside is Mosquitoes in summer. But staff can hook you up with mosquito spray to keep them away.

As the menu is seasonal it changes every few weeks, however highlights of recent menus have been the flavourful trout and scallop main, the pulled boar and the croissant with octopus. They also boast a great wine selection and the staff are keen to help you with pairings.

La Maddalena

La Maddalena Wrocław

Our hotel recommended this restaurant La Maddalena to us, so we headed there on our last night, swayed by the fact you get to sit on the riverside with a view of the stunning University building which lights up at night.

The menu is modern European and James went for the duck for 73 zloty (£14), whilst I went for the seabass for 123 zloty (£23.60) and we were not expecting the portions to be so big!

The food was really great and given that this is probably at the top of the ‘expensive’ end of the scale for restaurants in the city, we were really impressed with what you got versus what you would pay for a similar meal back home – especially as many dishes were around the 70 – 80 zloty range.

If you’re feeling fancy, you may want to try the tasting menu which costs 340 zloty (£46.04) and an extra 160 zloty (£30.69) for wine pairing. Yes, it’s not cheap, but compared to a tasting menu with wine for under £100 in a good restaurant is brilliant value versus UK standards!

Drinks wise, they have a gin and tonic menu for 38 zloty (£7.29) too.


Setka Wrocław

If you want a budget meal but in more of a sit down, restaurant setting, Setka is the place for you!

Super close to the market square, this place feels like it’s going to be a tourist trap but it’s really not. There are so many local dishes to try and with prices like 22 zloty (£4.23) for potato cakes and goulash, you can get a proper meal without breaking the bank.

James had ‘ Zeberka Solo’ which was marinated baked ribs served with boiled potatoes and cranberry sauce for 34,90 zloty (£6.71) whilst I went mega cheap and went for the ‘Bigos z Frytkami’ which consisted of ‘Chef’s variation as a combination of aromatic hunter’s stew served with crispy fries’ for only 21,90 zloty (£4.21).

Drinks were cheap too, with beer and wine from 9,90 zloty though we had a rum and coke for 18,90 (remember that alcohol measures are 40 cl!)

The service was really great too and I loved the illustrations on the menu – a strong recommendation!

Zbawcy Win

Zbawcy Win Wrocław

Zbawcy Win is a wine store offering a great selection of Polish and organic wines. Here you can also grab snacks like a cheeseboard and olives. Go in and buy a bottle to go or opt to drink in and enjoy!

We sat out in the courtyard at the back where 3 different bars share the space – it has a lovely atmosphere in the evening as friends sit out and catch up.

Even better was the fact that a small glass of wine is only 15 zloty (£2.87) – we went for a glass of the Riesling for this price and it was so good!

Bar mleczny Miś

Bar mleczny Miś Wrocław

Bar mleczny Miś is a traditional milk bar. The historic cafeterias popped up during the country’s communist era, and were government-funded, affordable dining options available for citizens of all socio-economic backgrounds. Today, Bar Mlecznys still serve affordable, traditional dishes like pierogi and soups

Giving school canteen vibes but you have to go and experience what has been a key part of Polish cities for many locals. The workers will often not speak English – thank god for Google Translate helping me out with the menu! I actually ended up writing what I wanted in my Notes app as Polish isn’t the easiest to pronounce without practice.

Surprisingly, you can pay by card in here. I went for a chicken schnitzel and mashed potatoes (£3.11) and it was warm and tasty. Please don’t ask me what the meat content of the chicken was though please!!

James went for a Mexican soup (£1.04) and we were surprised to find it had quite the kick! Very tasty for what is one of the cheapest things on the menu.

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