About Chelsea

I'm Chelsea. Or ‘Chelsea Travel’ as my friends like to call me.
And that’s because I’m just ever so slightly obsessed with booking cheap holidays.

This ‘obsession’ kicked off a year long challenge where I tried to see how many holidays I could do for half the price the average Brit spends in a year.

What ensued was 10 incredible getaways that included staying in a $1.7 million apartment in New York, a free 2 week stay in Paris and even a business class flight to Benidorm (I kid you not, lads). All of which were captured on my Youtube channel.

Once complete, the challenge got picked up by a whole host of news sites and shared by thousands, and so I thought ‘eh up – people do like a good deal, don’t they?’.

So here I am – continuing on in my cheap holiday search and hoping to help you make the most of your money as well.

Expect cheap travel itineraries, my top tips for scoring a bargain and articles about how to get free hotel upgrades, all coming soon – or in the meantime, you can visit my old site here.

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Who I've worked with

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People I've Helped!
Tarnya Dennis
Tarnya DennisYouTube
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You are actually a hero. Your tips have made my trips since I found your channel so much cheaper and better (special occasion tip is gold)
Alan Wilson
Alan WilsonYouTube
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Chelsea you are my hero lol been following you for a year now and since then i can honestly say I get to travel more your advice has been awesome.
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I watched the first few episodes and got hooked. This is the first travel-vlog-type-thing that actually managed to keep me interested

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