What is an AirTag and how will it help track your missing luggage?

With so many issues with missing luggage at the moment, there is one simple way for you to know exactly where your suitcase is at – by using a smart tag!

What is a smart tag?

A smart tag is a tracker that you can attach to different items – your keys, in your wallet, to your suitcase – and you can use an app to track the location. It may also be known as a GPS tracker, or by the most well known brands option – yes, we’re on about Apple – an AirTag.

What smart tag do you recommend?

James and I have used AirTags for the last year – though this was initially to just work out when our luggage was coming up on the carousel. Ah, simpler times!!

How does an AirTag work?

AirTags were released in April 2021, are around the size of a pound coin and can be used to locate your things using the ‘Find My’ app which is already installed if you’re an iPhone user.

Devices like this have existed for a while but the AirTag has a new Precision Finding mode which will literally point you towards the location with an arrow and a distance. It’s incredibly clever and very user friendly!

You can also see its location on a map and ‘ping’ it to make a sound if you’re struggling to find it.

AirTags work on the basis of other iPhones being close to it – which fortunately, there are a fair few out there! This means it’s likely to work even if you’re thousands of miles away from your bag.

How much does an AirTag cost?

You can get an AirTag for £29 or you can buy a pack of 4 for £99 – though they often have sales on.

You can also attach it to a £15 AirTag loop so it’s externally on your luggage, though I just keep mine in my £8 keyring holder and pop it into an internal pocket.

Single AirTag
Around £29
4 Pack of AirTags
Around £92
AirTag Loop
Around £21-30 (colour)

What is the lifespan of an AirTag?

You don’t have to charge your AirTag and the battery should last around one year of daily use. However, the great news is that you can easily replace the CR2032 lithium coin battery in under 30 seconds.

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Can you use an AirTag for Android users?

It won’t work in the same way but you can download The Tracker Detect app from the Google Play store for free which will allow you to use your AirTags in a similar way.

Are there any cheap AirTag alternatives?

If you’re on a budget, the great news is that there are a fair few of these smart tags on the market but remember that beyond locating things within close proximity, most use their customer base to locate items further away so you’re relying on there being others with the same device in the area.

Tile have been around for years – I had one that helped me realise that my keys had been left in Madrid – and they cost from £20. They have multipacks too.

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tags are well rated item too that cost from £23, though you may be able to get a refurbished one from around £15.


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