If you want a budget meal but in more of a sit down, restaurant setting, Setka is the place for you!

Super close to the market square, this place feels like it’s going to be a tourist trap but it’s really not. There are so many local dishes to try and with prices like 22 zloty (£4.23) for potato cakes and goulash, you can get a proper meal without breaking the bank.

James had ‘ Zeberka Solo’ which was marinated baked ribs served with boiled potatoes and cranberry sauce for 34,90 zloty (£6.71) whilst I went mega cheap and went for the ‘Bigos z Frytkami’ which consisted of ‘Chef’s variation as a combination of aromatic hunter’s stew served with crispy fries’ for only 21,90 zloty (£4.21).

Drinks were cheap too, with beer and wine from 9,90 zloty though we had a rum and coke for 18,90 (remember that alcohol measures are 40 cl!)

The service was really great too and I loved the illustrations on the menu – a strong recommendation!

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Find out a bit more about what I do.