Free hotel upgrade template for your next holiday

Is it just me or is there no better feeling that turning up to a hotel and finding out you’ve been given a free upgrade?!

Well, what if I was to tell you that you can greatly increase your chances of getting upgraded by doing one simple thing?!

Just ask for one.

Yep, it’s that simple and so over on my Instagram I shared a few really simple reasons why you should ask for one.

However, a lot of you also wanted to know how you would even go about putting your reason into an email so here we go lads, I’ve pulled together a basic hotel upgrade template for you to try on your next getaway.

Free hotel upgrade template

Hi there,

I hope you’re well.

After reading some amazing reviews, I’ve just booked a stay at your hotel for me and my boyfriend and we are both so excited! It looks great.

This will be our first getaway since the pandemic began and so would love to be considered for an upgrade to help us celebrate this small step towards normality if you have the availability.

Upgrade or not, we are really looking forward to staying with you.

All the best,



Extra tips

This template is pretty basic but should give you the bones to create your own upgrade email tailored to your trip.

Here are some additional things to consider that may help increase your chances:

  • Find out the name of the person who makes the upgrade decisions
    Often it will be the general manager so you could try calling up and asking for their name so that you can send it to the right person
  • Add some humour!
    I once got an upgrade from writing an email very similar to the above for a trip to Brussels on the first day that the UK left the EU. We asked if they could help cheer us up – and it worked!
  • Check the hotel’s availability
    This is more so you can adjust the tone of your message. If it’s fully booked up you may want to refer to possible ‘last minute availability’ and if there’s plenty of rooms then you know you can be a bit more general
  • Tag the hotel on social media
    Influencer or not, showing your excitement by tagging in the hotel in a post or Instagram story on the day before shows them how excited you are and also hints that you’ll be posting about your stay when you arrive too! 

Want more tips and to read the email that got me this amazing upgrade?

I’ve created a guide on how I get a free hotel upgrade, including my thoughts on when is best time to send it for everyone over on Patreon.

This also includes:

  • The ‘not directly asking’ hotel upgrade template
  • The ‘I’m being a bit cheeky but it’s for a good cause’ template
  • The ‘this is the upgrade I want please’ template (yep, it’s what I used for the villa above!)

This guide comes will all Patreon memberships and is one of the many perks you’ll get my supporting me on there!

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