How to find the cheapest night at a hotel

Had your heart set on a particular hotel for ages? 

Well, this is a super simple and less known way to make sure you are getting the cheapest night at a hotel.

I use it all the time on my ‘bucket list hotels’ (sometimes just for fun with no intention of booking 🙈) and there is no better feeling than scoring a night for much less than the dates on either side of it!

(Theres no harm in 'checking' the prices at The Ned in London every week, right?!)

If I’m wanting a ‘treat night’ whilst on a longer holiday, I’ll use this to make sure I’m getting the cheapest night at a hotel possible and then can plot my other accommodation around it.

How I find the cheapest night at a hotel

1) Search Google Hotels

Google Hotels is so underrated. I rarely hear anyone talking about it but it’s very useful for scoping out the best prices.

What I do is head to Google Hotels and either type in the destination I’m hoping to visit, or, if I already know the hotel I’m after, I’ll just go ahead and type in the name of the hotel.

You will need to select dates but just put any in, I’ll show you how to change them after.

2) Select a hotel

If you’re searching by place, scroll to see what hotel piques your interest and once you’re happy, click ‘View prices’ on the place you’re after.

3) Click on the check in date to see the calendar view

This is where the magic happens.

Once you’ve been taken to this new page, click on the check in date and a calendar will pop up. Here you will see not only the price for the date you’re searching for, but it will also show you the dates for every other night too!

Now you have the fun task of scrolling through and seeing where the cheapest prices are!

4) Check the price on third party websites

Now, you could end your search here as Google Hotels will pull up a whole list of third party websites, such as,, etc. that will offer the hotel at various prices. 

But be wary of the prices listed first. These are sometimes listed because they’re ads and often you can find the price cheaper by looking down the list.

Google Hotels has got much better at this price comparison element but if I’ve got the time, I do like to check on Trivago too.

If you want to be really thorough (and being thorough is how you know you’ve got the cheapest rate going) it can also be worth clicking through to the actual websites and logging in. Sometimes you’ll be offered a further saving or perk, such as late checkout or free breakfast.

For this, you may find my Hotel Directory useful for clicking through, especially as it lists sites like HotelTonight and Secret Escapes who Google and Trivago don’t compare.

5) Search for voucher codes

This one doesn’t work all the time but when it does, it’s sooooo sweet.

I simply google the website I’m looking at by some keywords and I also go to Twitter and search there too.

For example, if I was looking for a code for, I may type in:

“ discount code”
“ voucher”
“ promo”

Don’t get too excited lads, that’s an old code however do often have a discount running which you can check out on my Hotel Directory

Make sure to check the terms and conditions because sometimes if you use a discount code, you may not get other perks such as loyalty points.

6) Check directly with the hotel before booking

So, you’ve found the cheapest price possible?

Well, before you go ahead and book it is definitely worth checking directly with the hotel first.

This is because whilst they may not have the cheapest price online, they may be able to match the price over the phone or perhaps over email.

It’s also good to do this because you’re more likely to get a free upgrade by booking directly with the hotel. Speaking of which… Here’s how I go about asking for one of those too!

7) Check for Cashback

This tends to mostly work for third party sites but it can work for booking direct with big chains too.

The last thing I’ll do is check whether there’s any cashback available. To do this, you’ll need an account with either Quidco or Topcashback – or both!

I personally always leave this until last because I think it’s more important to save money up front as sometimes, the cashback doesn’t come through. You may also find that by going through the cashback site that you can’t find the same low cost anyway (for complicated reasons I’ll gloss over for now), but it doesn’t hurt to check!

And that's how I find the cheapest night at a hotel!

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