Bar mleczny Miś


Bar mleczny Miś is a traditional milk bar. The historic cafeterias popped up during the country’s communist era, and were government-funded, affordable dining options available for citizens of all socio-economic backgrounds. Today, Bar Mlecznys still serve affordable, traditional dishes like pierogi and soups

Giving school canteen vibes but you have to go and experience what has been a key part of Polish cities for many locals. The workers will often not speak English – thank god for Google Translate helping me out with the menu! I actually ended up writing what I wanted in my Notes app as Polish isn’t the easiest to pronounce without practice.

Surprisingly, you can pay by card in here. I went for a chicken schnitzel and mashed potatoes (£3.11) and it was warm and tasty. Please don’t ask me what the meat content of the chicken was though please!!

James went for a Mexican soup (£1.04) and we were surprised to find it had quite the kick! Very tasty for what is one of the cheapest things on the menu.

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.