Nafta Neo Bistro


The fine-dining Nafta Neo Bistro started as a hidden gem, revealing its location on the day of your visit. Now, it’s come out of the shadows and is a known spot! Get ready for top-notch quality and an ultra-creative menu.

Nafta Neo Bistro is in a chic loft and has three seating spots: indoors with lots of decadent wood decor, a patio with tons of plants and greenery, and a gorgeous garden area. The only catch while sitting outside is Mosquitoes in summer. But staff can hook you up with mosquito spray to keep them away.

As the menu is seasonal it changes every few weeks, however highlights of recent menus have been the flavourful trout and scallop main, the pulled boar and the croissant with octopus. They also boast a great wine selection and the staff are keen to help you with pairings.

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.