Stop Buying the Viral Ryanair Bag – The Best Small Cabin Bag

Chelsea Dickenson

Published: 1 Aug 2023

The ‘Viral Ryanair Bag‘ is TikTok’s answer to the airline’s strict cabin baggage restrictions but even at the cheap price of £9.99, is it the best value for money? Or are there better options?

Spoiler: there are!!

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What is the 'Viral Ryanair Cabin Bag?'

One Amazon small cabin bag has gone slightly viral on TikTok, with it being hailed as the perfect travel luggage to hack Ryanair’s strict baggage rules. You see, at £9.99, the Narwey bag is an affordable travel bag that you can take on a Ryanair flight without fearing any hidden fees.

With dimensions of 40 x 19 x 25 cm and a soft, manoeuvrable material casing, it’s meant to fit into the Ryanair baggage sizer perfectly.

Why Can You Only Take a Small Cabin Bag on Ryanair for Free?

Ryanair changed their baggage policy back in 2018, so you now have to pay extra to take a large cabin bag to stow in the overhead bins. You can still bring a small cabin bag on board for free however, the bag should be no larger than 40cm x 20cm x 25cm and has to fit under the seat.

Therefore, if you’re caught with a bigger bag or it won’t fit under your seat, you could be at risk of some unexpected charges at the gate which could rack up to £70!

Does The Viral Ryanair Bag Actually Fit In Ryanair’s Baggage Sizer?

I headed to the airport to check this out and…

Yes! True to its claims, a packed out Viral Ryanair Bag does indeed fit in the baggage sizer for Ryanair, Wizz Air and EasyJet.

Would I Recommend the Viral Ryanair Bag?

Here’s the thing. Whilst on paper, it’s a winner I actually wouldn’t recommend the Viral Ryanair bag for a few of reasons.

  1. It’s a very thin, rough material that I don’t think will last many trips
  2. It’s not double lined 
  3. It doesn’t have reinforced handles
  4. It doesn’t have a strap
  5. It’s quite a cumbersome shape that is difficult to carry

I can see why it’s gone viral – it does fit that baggage sizer perfectly! But I think there are better options on the market.

Viral Ryanair Cabin Alternatives That Are Better Value

The good news is that there’s plenty more options out there and I decided to order them and give them a test! And yes, that is the Viral Ryanair Bag listed there but… it’s just for reference, I swear!

If price is your main motivator, you will love the Decathlon Kipsta 20L Bag Essential.

It’s a simple beast – first created to store kit, with a handy compartment at the size for you to pop your trainers. However, it wasn’t long until people realised that it’s also the perfect size for a Ryanair flight!

It’s not double lined but that does mean it’s incredibly lightweight if you’re trying to keep your load light when travelling. It only has one pocket – where your shoes are supposed to go – but this serves well for keeping your travel essentials such as your passport and wallet.

The big reason it wins over the Viral Ryanair Bag has got to be the strap though – and in general, its size is a lot easier to deal with.

Finally, the bag does compress down into 23 x 20 x 10 cm making it a great option to take on holiday with you when you’re not sure if you’re going to need an extra bag on your return or not.

For me, it’s a fab buy for £6.99! 

Now I love me a 2-in-1 scenario and this bag is just that.

Not only does the Hayayu Extendable Cabin Bag perfectly fit the Ryanair baggage limit dimensions but with a quick unzip, it extends out to fit the larger easyJet restrictions. How cool is that?

I was also impressed by the outside material – it’s a lot more durable than the Viral Ryanair Bag. The bag is double lined, though that fabric does feel a little cheap, but I was happy to see two inner zips, one of which has a ‘high water resistant material’. 

I liked how the straps were reinforced so it would be a lot comfier to carry, and how that it included a strap with some light padding. 

It does have two outside pockets – one of which is sleeve which you can use to pop your suitcase handle through if you’re travelling with one.

Finally, whilst some may not love the colour – I do! It makes it feel more like a lifestyle bag that you may be able to use day to day. For teal haters, the bag is also sold in grey, pink and black on the same link.

The first thing I noticed about this bag was – it didn’t feel cheap.

That’s a good sign, right?

In fact, thanks to it’s silky like material, the Lossga Cabin Bag Rucksack definitely doesn’t look as cheap as some of its counterparts.

The second thing I noticed was… pockets. It has lots of them. Six zips open up to slim pockets, padded pockets, and one even swings back, opening out to 180° allowing you to pack your items in easily.

There’s a laptop sleeve too – though that is a little flimsy and I’d personally opt for the back zip instead which has a bit more padding.

I was surprised to see a USB port for a portable charger (not included), which allows you to connect your phone via a cable (you have to supply that too) through a port on the outside. 

I liked that there was a pocket on the back of the rucksack too – perfect for hiding any valuables – and a strap that lets you slot your suitcase handle through. Oh, and I liked the fact it has clasps at each side which would allow you to compress the rucksack once you’re all packed.

I really wasn’t expecting them to think of so much for such a cheap bag!

The only downsides for me were that because it has so many pockets, it may be a little harder to pack as you have to split things up. That and if you did pack it to the brim, you may find it harder to fit inside the baggage sizer if asked as its size is less absolute than the Viral Ryanair Bag.

Luggage Cabin Max Manhattan

Whilst missing out on my top 3 (I was after bags under £30!) the Cabin Max bags have come well recommended by YOU, thanks to the fact that they offer 3 options – each meeting the exact dimensions needed for Ryanair, Wizz Air and easyJet.

The only downside is that if you buy a bigger bag, it may not fit the other low cost airlines.

More of our top luggage picks

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3 better options than the viral Ryanair bag

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