Hayayu Small Cabin Bag Backpack

Hayayu Small Cabin Bag Backpack


Having ordered quite a few bags to test out, I was really happy to see a small cabin bag that wasn’t ‘sporty’ looking.

Instead, I think you could easily get away with this Hayayu backpack on a day to day basis.

Sure, the cream may not be the best colour for long term travel (there is a black version too) but it more than made up for it in features.

The things I liked included:

  • It’s 40x20x25cm and so it fits perfectly into Ryanair’s small cabin bag baggage sizer – meaning it will easily fit on Wizz Air and easyJet
  • It’s pretty light at just 810g
  • It’s ‘water resistant’
  • Padded mesh backpack straps which you can clip
  • Loads of pockets – my fave is the padded pocket at the bottom of the back
  • Water bottle space on either side
  • Large ‘flip open’ compartment with X clip to secure items
  • X clip inside to secure items

The downsides are the colour, the lack of warranty and the fact that the fabric is pretty good, but not fantastic – but for the price, it’s a great option.

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