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Back in May, I went to Portugal as your travel guinea pig to see how easy it is to get abroad this year with all the restrictions and discovered Qured – and now here’s a Qured promo code to help you save money on your travel this year.

Qured taking lateral flow test

For my pre-departure test – that’s the one you need to take in the 72 hour window before flying home to England – I opted for a Qured rapid antigen test on the basis that I could order it before my trip, pack it in my bag, connect with a Health Advisor via video call from my hotel, and then receive my ‘fit to fly’ travel certificate by email.

It seemed like a total no brainer to me.

The good news is – it worked so smoothly! And you can read all about my experience with it over on Qured’s blog

Don't need guidance?

Qured have just launched the option to do their rapid antigen test without the video appointment – so if you’re confident in what to do, you can save even more money!

15% off Qured Promo Code

Since coming back from Portugal, I’ve been chatting with Qured who have rustled up a 15% off code for my followers for not only their rapid antigen tests, but for all the tests they offer online.

Just use CHELSEA10 on to get 15% off.

Need help with what tests and forms you need to do to travel there and back?

Check travel rules in some of the most popular destinations

Qured FAQ

Who are Qured?

Qured is a company that provides private Covid-19 testing. They’ve been doing this since the start of the pandemic working off their experience as an at-home healthcare provider and are now testing thousands of patients every single day.

Are Qured tests government approved?

Yes – Qured are on the UK government’s approved list of private providers for Covid-19 tests. This means you can use their tests to prove your negative results to fly back into the UK.

Qured offer the following tests at the following prices:

What tests do Qured offer?

Though remember, you can get 13% off all of these by using the Qured promo code CHELSEA10

How fast will my tests arrive after I’ve ordered them?

There are a few different options but if you select the Free Standard Delivery, it will take 3-5 days to arrive using Royal Mail.

For £6, you can get Expedited Tracked Delivery with Amazon – these will be dispatched on the same day if you order before 1:30pm and will be delivered in 1-2 days, or 2-3 if you’re in the north of Scotland, Scottish Highlands and Islands.

If you live within the M25, there’s also a Priority Courier Service where you’ll get next day delivery if you book before 6pm for £15.

For Day 2 tests – or tests you do when you come home – it’s standard for companies to not send these out until the day you fly home and so it’s unlikely you’ll receive these in advance.

How long did your rapid antigen test take to arrive?

I ordered my test before 1:30pm on a weekday and it arrived the day after. It was a very fast service – I was impressed!

What is the process for taking a Qured rapid antigen test?

There are now 2 options for doing your Qured rapid antigen test – one with video and one without!

Let’s start with the video option.

You order a test online and after purchase, you’re emailed a link to schedule a video call with a Health Advisor. Once your test arrives, you can pack it with you and whilst away, you join your appointment at your chosen time. The Health Advisor takes you through your test, checks your initial result and then asks you to wait 25 minutes before submitting a photo of your test alongside your passport to your Qured account. Most people will get their results within an hour – I got mine in 8 minutes!

You can read up on my whole experience here.

As for the no-video option – I’m going to test this soon, so come follow me on Instagram to see how it works!

How big are the rapid antigen tests and can I pack it in my hand luggage?

The rapid antigen tests come in a small, slim box and are very light. They’re ideal for packing into hand luggage and my only tip would be to pop the liquid vial into your liquids bag, just in case. I had no problems at all getting it through security.

Can I use my phone to do my rapid antigen test appointment?

Yes! I used my laptop when I did mine but you could use a phone or a tablet too. You just need something that allows you to video call – and have something on hand to take photos of your test and passport too, as you’ll need to send that on afterwards.

How long do the rapid antigen tests last for? Can I buy one in advance?

You can buy Qured’s rapid antigen tests well in advance and the video appointments can be scheduled up to 30 days in advance. However, I think it’s good to wait until a couple weeks before just in case any travel rules change and you don’t need tests anymore.

Would you recommend Qured?

Absolutely. For me, they totally take the stress out of trying to find a testing centre whilst abroad. What’s more, it means you can get tested as soon as the 72 hour window opens, meaning you can alleviate any worries you have about getting a positive result as soon as possible.

My experience of them was before our work together and I’ll 100% be using them for travel in the future.

Need more information?

You can find more FAQ for Qured here.

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