How to Get 55 Days Annual Leave From Work 2024

Grab your calendar because we’re about to spill the beans on the key dates you need to know, and how to turn 23 days of annual leave into 55 in 2024. Plus, we’ll share what we’d be booking to make the most of all that extra time off.

50 Days Annual Leave Chelsea
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How Much Annual Leave Are You Legally Entitled to in the UK?

The majority of full-time workers who follow a Monday to Friday work week are typically entitled to 28 days of paid holiday, which includes bank holidays. However some companies throw in a few extra paid days of leave on top of the legal allowance.

If your workplace is closed on bank holidays, you will likely have them off. There will be eight bank holidays in 2024, although it’s up to your company whether they give you bank holidays off.

When Should You Request Your Annual Leave for 2024?

Don’t forget to get a head start on your leave requests, as many of our suggested dates are quite popular, and you might find yourself competing with your colleagues for time off.

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