How to Find The Cheapest Dates For Your Package Holiday

Ever had a specific hotel or resort in mind and found yourself searching for the “cheapest dates package holiday”? Well, your search ends here because I’ve found a super simple way to discover the cheapest dates to go on your dream package holiday – including all inclusive getaways too!

I came across this technique when I was creating my all inclusive holiday series where I checked out 3 five star hotels from 3 very different budgets in Turkey. Now it’s a tool I use all the time!

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1. Decide What Hotel or Resort You Want

If you’ve already got accommodation in mind, then you’re ready to go. Basically, if you’ve had a hotel or resort that’s been sat on a bucket list for some time and you just want to go when it’s going to cost you the least amount of money, this is the hack for you!

If you’re not be set on a destination just yet, check out our ultimate guide to booking an all inclusive holiday – we’ve got a few recommendations on there to start you off.

For this example, let’s opt for Lara Barut, the luxury all inclusive hotel I visited for our 5 star Turkey series.

Lara Barut Best Luxury All Inclusive

2. Search For The Name of The Hotel on loveholidays

Head to loveholidays and type in the name of the hotel or resort – if it’s on the site, it will auto-populate. 

cheapest dates for your package holiday

Select how many people are staying, and tick what departure airports are feasible for you (or leave it blank to see the cheapest).

Then pop in how many days you want.

However, when it comes to the exact dates, leave that totally blank.

The results should have started to appear below, which means you’re ready for the next step.

3. Find The Cheapest Dates for Your Package Holiday

Provided you’ve left the date blank, loveholidays will pull up the cheapest deal it can find that meets your other requirements. Which in this case, is a 7 night stay from the 6th December for £864pp.

It’s quite the difference from the £1329pp deal I found in May!

Cheapest Dates for Your Package Holiday

4. Find More Cheap Dates

So, now you know the cheapest dates for your package holiday; but perhaps that doesn’t work for you? If you want to view other cheap dates, you’re going to click ‘View Deal’.

This will take you to a page with a calendar view. Here you will find the price for every single arrival date in the near future! How helpful is that?!

It means that you can quickly see what dates are the cheapest in a timeframe that works best for you.

Cheapest Dates Package Holiday

5. Compare Your Dates Across Other Companies

Before you get too excited and hit book, it is worth checking the dates you’ve found against other companies offering the same package.

You can do this by going from website to website however, it’s much easier to search with a package holiday comparison site like TravelSupermarket or icelolly.

You can’t search by the specific hotel name on TravelSupermarket but let me show you how I quickly found Lara Barut on there.

Using the cheapest dates I found on loveholidays, I entered the following details:
  • London to Antalya
  • Leaving 6th Dec
  • 2 adults, 1 room
  • 7 nights
Cheapest Dates Package Holiday
Once through to the results page, I used the filters to whittle the search down to Lara Barut
  • Location: Lara
  • 5 stars
  • All Inclusive
Cheapest Dates Package Holiday

I then sorted the results by ‘cheapest’ and as I know that the cost should be around £864pp, I scrolled until I found it.


Travel supermarket cheap dates search

And as you can see, we’ve managed to save an additional £46 by comparing the cheapest dates we found with other travel agents and tour operators.

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