Visit Nadodrze District to Find Old German Signs


Just a leisurely 10-15 minute stroll from the city centre lies Wroclaw’s most eclectic neighbourhood – Nadodrze. Once known for its not-so-great rep, this area has done a complete 180 and now buzzes with life. It has lots of charming little boutiques, quirky shops, and art galleries.

As you enter Nadodrze, there are a few food and coffee spots – we grabbed an iced latte from cafe rozrusznik. However, after walking for a couple of streets, it’s mostly a residential area with a power station looming above!

We followed a self-guided walking tour from Wroclaw guide, which allowed us to spot a few of the German signs that hark back to a time when the city was actually in Germany. In reality, the city wasn’t called Wroclaw until 1945! This change happened when the city, previously known as Breslau whilst it was a part of Germany, was handed over to Poland. This transfer occurred as a result of the city formerly known as Lviv – which is now in Ukraine – being taken away from Poland and given to the Soviet Union.

We managed to track down a few signs before heading onto the Beach Bars on the River Oder

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