Crazy Horse Paris


Crazy Horse is a famous Parisian cabaret known for its glamorous erotic shows celebrating femininity. It’s also an alternative to the better known Moulin Rouge show. The “Totally Crazy” show is 90-minute immersive experience tracing the cabaret’s history through captivating scenes featuring scantily dressed “Crazy Girls”.

While the show doesn’t include dinner, you can choose special packages with a gourmet meal at partner restaurants when booking tickets. Crazy Horse Paris is a top-notch and more experimental cabaret in Paris, offering an intimate and fun setting for an unforgettable experience.

How to choose between Moulin Rouge and The Crazy Horse Paris

If you’re up for some classic Parisian cabaret vibes, or if you’re thinking about having both dinner and a show, Moulin Rouge is the better option. However, if you want to see something a bit more sensual and unique, then Crazy Horse is your go-to. Ultimately it’s a choice between the classic and the daring.

How much is The Crazy Horse

The ticket prices for the show kick off at €115, while the option including champagne and dinner starts at €200. You can reserve tickets on their website.

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