Sing Karaoke in New York’s Koreatown


The wonderful thing about New York is the fact that you’ve got so many different cultures you can experience whilst exploring the city!

And what better way to be *cultured* than to visit Koreatown for some Karaoke?

Forget having to wait for hours for your turn, grab a private room, order some drinks and sing until you can’t no more.

Here’s some top Koreatown Karaoke bars to get you on your way:

The Spot Karaoke Lounge – from $30 an hour for 1-2 person booth

Gagapoa Karaoke – from $36 an hour for 1-4 person booth

Radio Star Karaoke – from $50 an hour for 2-6 person booth

Maru Karaoke Bar – from $60 an hour for 1-6 person booth

I’d definitely recommend booking a space to avoid being disappointed!

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.