Go for a Massage in Wrocław


One of my favourite things to do when going on holiday in Poland is… go for a massage!! They’re so much cheaper than going to get one in London.

Whilst in Wroclaw, I visited Orchid Style where I got a hot stone massage for 210 zloty – which was around £40.40 at the time. I also visited Beauty Balinese Boutique for a 30 minute reflexology massage which cost 100 zloty (£19.25).

However, the cheapest massages I found, though I didn’t get to experience them, were at Bali Spa Wroclaw. Here a 30-minute foot massage was only 89 zloty – not bad for £17.13.

For both the massages I got, I didn’t book but instead just turned up though if you’re less flexible with time, I would recommend booking ahead.

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.