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Whenever I go away, I try to join a free walking tour on the first morning I’m there as it really sets my bearings for the rest of my exploration.

In Athens, we joined the Athens Free Tour and spent 2.5 hours visiting historical monuments and learning about Athens’ past, present and future.

There are a few different free walking tours available so do your research, but we really enjoyed this one.

You will still need to book your spot on the free walking tour so don’t just show up, and if you can afford it, have some cash on hand to tip your guide at the end.

When I was on a super tight budget, I would have tipped around €5 but now I’m working in the travel industry, I’ll tip between €10-€20 depending on how good the guide has been and whether they’ve answered any additional questions from me!

I know some will think this is too much for a ‘free’ tour but I see this as a way that I can support the local travel industry and hopefully subsidise the tips of those who aren’t able to afford more.

Overall, the tour is listed as free so you’re completely within your rights to keep it that way – but also remember that 2.5 hours for nothing is outrageously good value!

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Find out a bit more about what I do.