Explore Coal Drops Yard and Regent’s Canal


“It used to be a bit different around here”.

That’s what my mum said to me when we visited Coal Drops Yard together recently.

She used to be a secretary in the area in the 80s, and it’s fair to say that Kings Cross and its surrounding area has had quite the redevelopment over the last 40 years.

Just a 5 minute stroll up from the train station, Coal Drops Yard offers a pristine outdoor shopping area that boasts food and drink outlets, and there’s often markets on too.

My favourite thing? That it doesn’t get too busy at the weekend and so makes a great destination to do some browsing, grab a bite and even continue the walk up Regent’s Canal.

A shoutout to Samsung’s HQ on the top floor too which reminds me a bit of Eureka – that amazing kids museum in West Yorkshire that let you try everything out for yourself.

As for food and drink, you can’t go wrong with Caravan which always has a fun spin on the traditional brunch dishes, and for a more affordable choice, head on over to nearby Camley Street Natural Park which has a covered cafe overlooking the canal and also a surprisingly large green area to explore – it’s great for kids!

Hiden, serving Japanese curry, and coffee shops Sons + Daughters and Redemption Roasters are good value for money too.

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.