Four steps for a cheaper hotel

A few quick steps to save you some cash when you know where you want to go

You may know which hotel you want, but not necessarily when you want to go. Use these four steps as a quick way to see how you can save a bit of money on hotels. 


Search Google Hotels

Google has a great hotel search, use this as your starting point. Add you destination or hotel

cheapest night at a hotel


Select a hotel

Choose a hotel, and click on View Prices. 

cheapest night at a hotel


Look at the calendar

Click on the dates and it will bring up a calendar view, here you can scroll through, clearly showing when the cheaper nights are

cheapest night at a hotel


Then go to Trivago

Put the hotel and dates you’ve found in to get the cheapest rate possible – remember to click ‘more deals’ to find the absolute cheapest price. 

More money saving accommodation site are available here: