Travel Ready Ryanair Underseat Suitcase

Travel Ready Ryanair Underseat Suitcase


I love a clever design and that’s exactly what’s going on here with Travel Ready’s Underseat 2 Wheel bag.

It’s made of ‘Ripstop Polyester’ meaning it’s resistant to rips whilst remaining super light – just 1.1kg. That includes the weight of a telescopic retractable handle! It’s also collapsable, springing up from 9.5cm in depth to 20cm which will allow you to store 19L of clothing inside. There’s also two handy pockets on the outisde.

As for manoeuvring it, you have three options.

  1. A sleeve on the back to slot over the handles of a larger suitcase should you be using one
  2. There’s a long strap so you can carry it on your shoulder
  3. There’s a handle so it can be pulled
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