Narwey Viral Ryanair Cabin Bag

Narwey Viral Ryanair Cabin Bag


“Designed to fit Ryanair’s small cabin bag measurements, the Narwey duffle bag is made of a thin and flexible nylon fabric. It has an external side pocket for quick access to small items and a secure strap that allows travellers to comfortably slide the bag onto their suitcase handle.”

Look – I’m not saying any of the above is incorrect. The bag works really well at fitting in the Ryanair baggage sizer! However, the material isn’t the best and due to its shape, it can be quite cumbersome to carry around. That, and due to no reinforced handles or a strap, it’s not the comfiest bag to use as your hand luggage.

But, I’ve said my piece now… There must be a reason it’s gone viral after all!

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