Lossga Cabin Bag Rucksack

Lossga Cabin Bag Rucksack


The first thing I noticed about this bag was – it didn’t feel cheap.

That’s a good sign, right?

In fact, thanks to it’s silky like material, it definitely doesn’t look as cheap as some of its counterparts.

The second thing I noticed was… pockets. It has lots of them. Six zips open up to slim pockets, padded pockets, and one even swings back, opening out to 180° allowing you to pack your items in easily.

There’s a laptop sleeve too – though that is a little flimsy and I’d personally opt for the back zip instead which has a bit more padding.

I was surprised to see a USB port for a portable charger (not included), which allows you to connect your phone via a cable (you have to supply that too) through a port on the outside.

I liked that there was a pocket on the back of the rucksack too – perfect for hiding any valuables – and a strap that lets you slot your suitcase handle through. Oh, and I liked the fact it has clasps at each side which would allow you to compress the rucksack once you’re all packed.

I really wasn’t expecting them to think of so much for such a cheap bag!

The only downsides for me were that because it has so many pockets, it may be a little harder to pack as you have to split things up. That and if you did pack it to the brim, you may find it harder to fit inside the baggage sizer if asked as its size is less absolute than the Viral Ryanair bag.

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