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Good Hotel is called just that because they hope to not only give people a cool place to stay, but to do good in the world too! 100% of their profits go towards helping people who need it via ‘The Good Global Foundation‘.

As for the accommodation, this vessel is a former floating prison – yes, you heard that right! – that was re-purposed by Dutch entrepreneur Marten Dresden to create a hotel instead.

The interiors are hip and modern, and there’s plenty of space to work and relax on the ground floor (and amazing views across the Docks).

Upstairs, you’ll find the compact rooms which are on the basic side, but more than comfortable. If you like space either side of the bed, make sure you request this as when I stayed the bed was pushed up against the wall. I didn’t hate this as it meant I had a fantastic view across the water in bed!

Also note that there are no TVs here and that light sleepers may need to use the earplugs provided thanks to the rumbles of the planes landing at nearby City Airport (I personally love the sound!) and also for the fact that the walls are quite thin.

On the top floor, there’s an incredible terrace where at the weekend, you can grab a drink and watch the Emirates Air Line cable cars disappear off into the distance.

Overall, I think this is a great shout if you’re scoring a super cheap rate – I often see prices around the £80 mark – or if you need to be in the area.

If I was paying over £110, I’d check out some of the other affordable hotels listed to see if there’s a better room for your money.

However, the fact that it’s a social enterprise definitely helps qualm any thoughts I have about the overall value – Good Hotel does helps you have that good feeling inside which I guess you could say is priceless!

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.

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