Time Out Market Lisboa


When I first visited Time Out Market in 2016, it blew my mind. I hadn’t seen anything like it and I loved the concept of being able to order what you want – even if it was from a different restaurant to who you were travelling with. This place was the pioneer for the many food halls we’ve seen popping up across bustling cities all over the globe in the last ten years.

Whilst it may have lost its uniqueness, it certainly hasn’t lost its draw to the millions of tourists that visit every single year to try out food from the 40 plus local eateries.

Is it ‘touristy’? Yes. Very. But you’d be hard pressed to find anywhere else with so much variety. It’s a perfect stop for a first visit to Lisbon when you’re wanting to try out an array of dishes. That, and it’s great for groups who don’t have to worry about splitting the bill at the end.

Would I head back after my first visit? I personally wouldn’t. What Time Out has in range, it loses in an overall experience. It gets very busy and whilst it’s decent if you’re on a budget, you can easily find authentic restaurants where your money will go further – even after factoring in paying a tip!

So it’s one to tick off when you’re in the area, but I’d encourage you to not spend too long there and head off to discover local places where you can relax a little more!

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Find out a bit more about what I do.