Spikizi Bar


Spikizi Bar is a small, trendy bar that is embracing the fact its ‘hidden’ on a side street off raucous Witte de Withstraat.

However, that’s where it’s ‘speakeasy’ demeanour ends as staff loudly welcomed us in as we peered in from the pavement!

There’s a great cocktail selection – with prices starting from €12,50 – and James and I decided to opt for the ‘Henny Houseman’ and a ‘Murder She Wrote’ for €14 a pop. Both were labelled as ‘strong’ which may or may not have swayed our choice (and not the only thing swaying after these bad boys!).

There’s also a cocktail called ‘Pussy Juice’ but the less said about that the better… Ahem!

Can you get cocktails cheaper elsewhere? Yes. But they’re really well made, the staff are great and they kept bringing crisps to our table.

Put it this way, we loved it so much we stayed for one more. Cheers to that!

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.