Pastéis de Belém


The first custard tarts were made by a group of Portuguese Catholic monks who, after the Liberal Revolution of 1820, started selling them to a nearby sugar refinery to make some much needed cash.

When the monastery closed in 1834, the sugar refinery bought the recipe from the monks (though some say the recipe was stolen!), leading to the opening of Pastéis de Belém in 1837.

And it’s still here today!

A ‘must do’ for many tourists, you may be wary that these little pastries are a tad overhyped. Well, the cynic in me had these thoughts too and so on my last trip to the city, headed out to do a taste test of the many pastel de nata options across Lisbon and… Yeah, these still came top.

They really are DELICIOUS!

There were a couple of others that came very close though, and if you don’t fancy heading out as far as Belém, there’s plenty of other amazing tarts to try in the city centre.

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Find out a bit more about what I do.