Os Amigos Da Severa


This hole in the wall drinking spot is located in one of  Lisbon’s most iconic districts. The area around Os Amigos Da Severa is the birthplace of Fado music, and the bar itself is named after the legendary singer Maria Severa who founded the genre.

Maria Severa died just a few doors down so the bar has somewhat of a cult following. With walls adorned with fado memorabilia, neighbourhood regulars, and a stop on most of the city’s walking tours, it holds a distinctive place in the tapastry of Lisbon.

Maria Severa passed away just a few doors down, endowing the bar with a somewhat cult following. With its walls adorned with fado memorabilia, a haven for neighborhood locals, and a prominent stop on countless walking tours, it occupies a unique position within Lisbon’s cultural tapestry.

The bar’s owner since 1974, António, is a vibrant character and community legend in his own right. For the city’s visitors, this tiny bar is known for selling the famous local drink Ginjinha (sweet-ish cherry liqueur). There are no sit down spots, but if you want to try your hand at chatting with locals in Portuguese and enjoying an authentic experience, then Os Amigos Da Severa is ideal!

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