I’m not gonna lie, but I was quite hungover when I finally got around to checking Oasis out but due to this fact, it turned out to be the perfect experience.

On a sunny Saturday lunchtime, Bedford Avenue around me was getting busy and yet there was no queue when I stepped inside. Better yet, was that the falafel sandwiches – which actually are pittas – was delivered, wrapped up in my hands within about 25 seconds.

Costing just $5.50 – without tax – I was expecting simple, cheap and cheerful but as I bit in, I was impressed at how delicious and fresh it tasted too. Just watch out for that sauce as it drips out!

There loads of other options on the menu too, plenty of which come under $10 – though personally, I’d be quite tempted by the ‘tray of baklava’ for $60 next time!

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.