Novità, Senglea


This one is on the cusp of treat territory, but stick to the pasta and pizza dishes to keep ticking that affordable box.

Novità in Senglea is a Mediterranean restaurant that serves fresh seafood, and classic Italian and Greek dishes. However, it was the view looking across the harbour that sold the place to us.

This restaurant does get busy at peak times though – we tried to eat there on a Sunday lunchtime and they said they were fully booked. The good news is that you can book online using Google, and if you reserve ahead of time they do tend to give you one of the tables right at the water’s edge.

We had to go for the Novità lasagne (€19.00 / £16.50) because if a restaurant sticks their name on something, it’s gotta be good right? And oh my god, yes it was. With truffle on top, it is more than a bit decadent but I’m very proud to say I persevered and managed to finish it! However, if the dish is too big for you, they can wrap it up to go as well.

Shoutout to the mango margarita (€9 / £7.80) as well which was delicious – well worth the money. Wine is €5.50 (£4.80) for a glass, though bottles start at €15.50 (£13.50) which I thought was decent for a nice restaurant.

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Find out a bit more about what I do.