Lokál Dlouhááá


If you want a traditional beer hall where they’re not going to charge you a tourist price, Lokál Dlouhááá is the place for you. The food is really tasty and very reasonably priced, plus the beer is fresh!

Lokál Dlouhááá also has an interesting ordering system. They put a paper slip with pictures of little beers on your table, then they strike off as and when you order. You then pay at the end. We only popped in for a short while, so managed just two – how shameful!

You can check out daily menus and prices online here. However, this is what we paid:

  • 62 CZK (£2.20) for 0,5l of beer, served in traditional glass tankards
  • 248 CZK (£8.42) for the chicken breast schnitzel fried in butter with crushed potatoes
  • 275 CZK (£9.78) for the roast beef with horseradish-chive mayonnaise and crushed potatoes 
  • 109 CZK (£3.79) for a caramel glazed profiterole with caramel and vanilla ice cream 

So our total for all of that was £26.39 – great value! It does get really busy though, so reserve online. However, they also accept walk-ins too. We waited about 10 minutes when we visited in April and just stood by the bar until a table came free.

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Find out a bit more about what I do.