The Halal Guys


Starting life in a the 1990s as a food cart on the southeast and southwest corners of 53rd Street and Sixth Avenue in Manhattan, The Halal Guys now have 4 locations in New York and a total of 100 stores all around the globe.

So what’s the hype?

After a busy day of work, I wasn’t quite sure if I could rouse myself for the twenty minute walk to go and check these guys out and so was DELIGHTED to find that they delivered on UberEats.  I ordered myself the Falafel platter ($10.45) and added a topping of hummus ($1). When it arrived, I was blown away by the portion size – it was huge!! And pleasantly surprised to find a pretty healthy meal in front of me. The platter itself was pretty plain (but still tasty) but that’s where the spicy sauce comes in – get that bad boy all over it!! Overall, I was really satisfied and can only imagine it’s even better if you get it fresh.

They also do ‘Sandwiches’ which are more like a wrap for $9.25 so it’s a great shout for an affordable meal that’s going to leave you full and not too bloated!

You can check out your nearest location here.

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Find out a bit more about what I do.