Brasserie Zedel


Brasserie Zedel is the only reason I’d ever send anyone into Piccadilly Circus – but I promise having to deal with the crowds will be worth it for this!

The restaurant was originally part of The Regent Palace Hotel – and you can absolutely tell. The art deco interiors are still there and ready to take you back to the 1930s.

There’s a set menu that runs ALL THE TIME and whilst the starter is little more than some grated carrots with some dressing (it’s still lush though), the fact you can get a 2 course meal for £13, and a 3 course for £17.25 is fantastic.

Big shout out also to the French onion soup (£8.25) and of the 3 times I’ve been, there’s been live music on so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that’s it’s there when you visit too!

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.