Black Angel’s Bar


In the basement of Hotel U Prince, you’ll find cosy, speakeasy-style, Black Angel’s Bar. Here you’ll be asked to put your cameras away and just focus on the drinks – and the music if you’re lucky to be there whilst the pianist is playing!

I took a quick photo before being told it wasn’t allowed – apologies! – but their Instagram account will allow you a peek into the Black Angel’s Bar world!

Think exposed brick walls, leather seats and delicious cocktails.

At the time, I couldn’t hack lots of sugar (a medical thing, not a preference – DO NOT WORRY!) so the bartender went out of his way to make me a concoction that would satisfy my needs. They really know their stuff here!

Most cocktails range between 215 CZK (£7.64) to 285 CZK (£10.13) which, during our visit in April 2022, seemed quite pricey but compared to price increases in the UK, it feels quite acceptable! The prices felt particularly warranted, given the attentive and caring service provided by the bar staff.

The dress code is smart casual and reservations are accepted until 7pm; after that, availability is based on capacity.

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.