Andalus Fish


Whilst traditional dutch foods such as poffertjes – those delicious small pancakes – have become popular all over Europe, there’s another famous dish that doesn’t seem to have the same appeal.

Enter: hollandse nieuwe haring

What’s that?!

It’s picked herring.

Now, before you turn your nose up, remember that they are popular for a reason! They’re not too ‘fishy’ and often come served with some raw onion which pairs with it really nicely. What’s more, you can try it for just €3.

I’m actually quite partial to a bit of herring, though I haven’t been able to eat them like a local just yet – which is in one, dropping it in your mouth by the tail!!

If this is all a step too far for you then go for the ‘kibbeling’ instead which is ‘fried white fish’. My kibbeling sandwich (€6,00) came with a delicious tartar like sauce in a soft roll. Let’s be honest, it’s just a fancy fish finger butty – but a good one at that!

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