Equipment I use

When it comes to capturing my travels, I mainly use my mobile phone to film but there are a few other bits in my kit bag that help make it seem a bit more professional!

The great thing about this set up is that it’s really easy to just start out with your phone and then add extra items as and when you can.

I always say that the most important thing is to just give it a go! So use what you have and then come back here to see how you can take it to the next level.

Camera: iPhone 13 Pro Max​

It's the best camera Apple have ever made and is much better in low light than past versions - I'm a fan!

(And yes, for the eagled eyed of you - this picture is of the iPhone X but you can see me with the new set up above!)

Gimbal: Zhiyun Smooth 2

Allowing you to capture super stable shots - this will be the one thing you buy that really improves the quality of your footage straight away!

Microphone: Røde

It's easy to only think about the picture but adding an external mic makes an enormous difference to the sound quality. Especially outside!

Rig: Magic Arm

With this I can attach all of this together and hold it with one hand!

Video Editing: Premiere Pro

I use Adobe Creative Cloud as it means I always have the most up to date software for a monthly cost. You can also bundle it in to include other software such as Photoshop, Audition and Illustrator.

Music for editing: Epidemic Sound

Music subscriptions for content creators. Covered for social media, online platforms and websites

Gimbal – Zhiyun Smooth 2

I use the ‘Zhiyun Smooth 2’ – however this is no longer sold. Zhiyun have brought out a newer model which are actually cheaper as they’re made out of plastic – but they do the same job.  There’s also a good starter gimble on offer from DJI and Hohem too. 

Microphone – Røde

The sound quality is so much better since I started using this external microphone.

Camera – iPhone 13 Pro Max

It’s a LOT to pay for a phone, I know, but since I also use it to operate my ENTIRE LIFE FROM, I think it’s worth and makes capturing my travels super convenient. 

Mini Rig Magic Arm

A recent purchase – and one I’m very happy with! This has been perfect for attaching the microphone to the gimbal.