Best Scotland North Coast 500 Accommodation

Finding the best Scotland North Coast 500 accommodation can be tricky since it’s such a popular route, but here’s where we stayed and some alternatives should they already be booked up!

You can also check out our full itinerary for this incredibly scenic 516 mile road tirp around the north coast of Scotland here.

The Best Scotland North Coast 500 Accommodation

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The Best Accommodation in Fort Augustus

The start of the North Coast 500 is technically Inverness Castle however there was little choice when we looked so we stayed 40 minutes down the road in the very cute village of Fort Augustus.

It’s also at the bottom of Loch Ness so a good excuse to squeeze that into your trip too!

Where we Stayed

Monk’s Retreat
Fort Augustus
£86 a night including breakfast

Unfortunately, Monk’s Retreat isn’t bookable at the moment but here’s a couple of other options in the area.

Alternative Options

Loch Ness Guest House
Fort Augustus
From £50 a night

Foyers Lodge
Foyers (14 miles from Fort Augustus)
From £175 a night including breakfast

The Best Accommodation in Inverness

Of course, there are also plenty of options in Inverness if you want to begin your NC500 road trip off as close to the start line as possible!

pentahotel Inverness
From £56 a night 

The Glenimoriston Townhouse Hotel
From £79 a night

The Best Accommodation in Gairloch

For our second night we stayed in Gairloch, a village on the shores of Loch Gairloch in Wester Ross. With a scattering of B&Bs and hotels, it’s a perfect place to stop on your road trip. 

Where we Stayed

The Mountain Lodge B&B
£91 a night including breakfast

We had amazing views out across the Loch from our 4 poster bed room and as it’s above a coffee shop, you get a voucher for breakfast the next morning which was really good and without the awkwardness of sitting in someone’s living room!!

Alternative Options

Loch View
From £85 a night + service fee

An Cois Na Mara
Laide (14 miles away)
From £103 a night including breakfast

The Best Accommodation in Gairloch

On night 3, we stayed in Ullapool which is the largest settlement for miles around so a great chance to stock up and enjoy some amazing food too.

Where we Stayed

Foinaven B&B 
From £105 a night including breakfast

Our room had a great modern bathroom and I got Ullapool smoked salmon for breakfast the next day which is pretty special considering it was included in the price!

Alternative Options

The Arch Inn
From £115 including breakfast

The Snug
From £90 a night + service fee

The Best Accommodation in Durness

Night 4 for us was Durness! It’s a great stop off due to its beautiful award winning beach complete with a campsite overlooking the sea! If you don’t fancy pitching a tent, you best book quick as there aren’t too many options that allow 1 night stays and you may, like us, have to stay further away than first planned. For us, this was an hour drive away in the remote township of Talmine.

Where we Stayed

Island View Glamping Pod
From £110 a night + service fee 

Our first time in a glamping pod was a great success – I was very impressed with how much you could fit into a small space, including a really nice modern bathroom. Whilst a cooked breakfast wasn’t included, there were a few treats left for us including COCO POPS! 

These days, there’s a 2 night minimum on many dates but if you were booking last minute, you may be able to negotiate something.

Alternative Options

Holiday house with garden and sauna
From £90 a night + service fee

The Tongue Hotel
Tongue (29 miles from Durness)
From £129 a night

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The Best Accommodation in Wick

Our fifth night was in Wick and as far as the NC500 goes, it’s a pretty big town! Plenty of options to stay and a great point to rest for the evening after exploring the many sites nearby.

Where we stayed

Cosy Croft B&B
From £57 a night + service fee including breakfast

Sadly, this B&B isn’t running anymore which is a shame as Lisa it was the BEST HOST EVER. 

Alternative Options

Langley Cottage
From £115 a night
Many nights are 2 night minimum 

Mackays Hotel Wick
From £136 including breakfast

The Best Accommodation in Dornoch

Our final night was spent in the beautiful seaside town of Dornoch, complete with cute shops, hotels, restaurants and even a golf course!

Where We Stayed

Dornoch Castle
From £180 a night

We decided to treat ourselves by checking into a CASTLE on our last night that also had a very well stocked whiskey bar! We enjoyed our stay and it was amazing to be so central to Dornoch but for the price, it was difficult to not compare it to the great the service (and the breakfasts!) we’d experienced at all the B&Bs. So, if you’ve got the budget – go for it! But if not, don’t worry that you’re missing out too much.

Alternative options

Eagle Hotel
From £86 a night 

Royal Golf Hotel
From £119 a night

The best accommodation in Glasgow

Where we Stayed

As I mentioned, Inverness is the official ‘start’ of the North Coast 500 – meaning it’s the end too!! However, as we had a big trek home to London we ended up getting on the road and staying in Glasgow for the evening.

Dakota Glasgow
From £117 a night

The reason I’ve included this is to make a point. A lot of the accommodation on the North Coast 500 is cute and cosy with exceptional service but it’s not going to be a stunning 10 out of 10 room unless you’re willing to spend a lot. If you’re wanting that chic hotel stay, keep your money for the journey back home where your money will go further in cities like Glasgow.

Our room at the Dakota was… STUNNIN’ 10 OUTTA 10 LADS.

Alternative options

Motel One Glasgow
From £99 a night

Grasshoppers Hotel Glasgow
From £130 a night 

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