When Is the Next Interrail Sale in 2024?

There’s no better time to bag your interrail pass than in the interrail sale! Here’s when to expect them throughout 2024 and how much you you could save.

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What is an Interrail Pass?

Interrailing is a way of travelling around Europe by train using a pre-paid pass. The Interrail pass provides unlimited travel on most train networks throughout Europe at a single, fixed price. The pass grants access to 35 railway and ferry companies across 33 countries. In most cases, you can simply show your pass on your phone when boarding a train.

Who Can Buy an Interrail Pass?

The Interrail pass is just for European citizens (that includes the UK) but don’t worry, the Eurail pass is a very similar offering for non-European citizens and they’re currently having a sale too!

Also, there’s a common misconception that you have to be a young person to use an interrail pass – that’s not true! Anyone of any age can get an interrail pass, but the cost will differ based on the years under your belt.

The Interrail Spring Sale - Save 15% off!

Interrail tends to host 2 – 3 sales throughout the year and good news – they’re currently in the midst of their spring sale!

You can currently save 15% off selected Interrail passes.

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When Does The Interrail Spring Sale End?

The spring Interrail sale is running until 5 March 2024, so you’ll need to be quick if you want to snap up a discounted pass.

What Passes Are Included in the Spring Interrail Sale?

  • All Interrail Global Passes 
  • Adult, Senior, Youth, and Child Passes
  • 1st and 2nd class Passes
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What Pass Durations Are Included in the Spring Interrail Sale?

You’ll also need to decide how long you want the pass to last, which will depend on the duration of your trip and how many days you plan to spend travelling by train. There are lots of different durations available. These are the ones available in this current sale:

Flexi Passes

These types of passes allow you to choose a number of days to travel within a certain time frame:

    • 4 days within 1 month
    • 5 days within 1 month
    • 7 days within 1 month
    • 10 days within 2 months
    • 15 days within 2 months
Continuous Passes

These passes allow you continuous Interrail travel for a specified number of days. For example, if you choose the ‘15 days in a row’ Continuous Pass, you can travel on every one of these 15 days until the pass expires:

  • 15 days in a row
  • 22 days in a row
  • 1 month continuous
  • 2 months continuous
  • 3 months continuous

How Much is an Interrail Pass in the Sale?

Thanks to the current Interrail sale, they’re 15% cheaper! Here’s an example of some of the prices if you manage to bag the pass during this offer.





4 days within 1 month

€181 (£154.90)

€241 (£206.20)

€217 (£185.70)

7 days within 1 month

€244 (£208.80)

€324 (£277.25)

€292 (£249.85)

10 days within 2 months

€285 (£243.85)

€380 (£325.15)

€342 (£292.65)

1 month continuous

€444 (£379.90)

€592 (£506.55)

€533 (£456.10)

2 months continuous

€527 (£450.95)

€703 (£601.55)

€632 (£540.80)

When Do I Have to Activate My Interrail Pass?

You can activate your Interrail Pass anytime from the day you purchase until 11 months later.

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Are Interrail Spring Sale Passes Refundable?

You can make your mobile pass 100% refundable by upgrading to ‘Plus’ when you get to the checkout. The price of this upgrade depends on the pass you get, but you can expect to pay around €25 (£21.40).

When Are the Interrail Sales in 2024?

We can’t know for certain when Interrail are going to hold their sales but we can take a look at previous years to predict what may happen in 2024.

Previous Interrail Sales

  • Spring Sale
    • Save 15% on selected Interrail Global Passes
    • 20th Feb – 5th Mar 2024
  • Black Friday Sale
    • Save 25% on selected Interrail Global Passes
    • 16th – 28th Nov 2023
  • Spring Sale
    • 10% discount
    • 1st – 15th March 2023
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When Is the Next Interrail Sale?

Based on last year’s sales, it’s likely that the next interrail sale will be around Black Friday which is set to land on 29th Nov 2024.

Black Friday interrail discounts have previously ranged between 20 – 25% off and therefore if you can hold off until then, it may well be worth doing so to save a big chunk of money!

However, if your trip is before that – or you’re travelling on a popular route and you want to make sure you get seat reservations in time, then you may be better buying your passes beforehand.

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Save Money on Europe Train Travel in the Interrail Sale

Snap up a sweet discounts in the Interrail Sales! It’s not only about saving cash but also about choosing a sustainable way to explore the continent—a nice little alternative to flying. Ditch the planes and hop on trains for a more eco-friendly adventure that won’t break the bank.

When is the next interrail sale?

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