When Is the Next £2 Flixbus Sale in 2024?

The best time to book a FlixBus ticket is during a FlixBus sale, right?! 

Well, here’s everything you need to know about the current offers, how to find bargain £2 tickets and when to expect the next FlixBus sale.

What is FlixBus?

FlixBus is a coach company that offers intercity bus travel across the UK, Europe and other parts of the world. They provide affordable and comfortable transport options for passengers, connecting various cities and destinations with their huge network of routes.

FlixBus is known for its big green vehicles, commitment to sustainability (like exploring renewable sources of fuel) and modern touches like free wifi and charging points onboard.

Chelsea says: I’ve only used Flixbus in Europe before – transporting James and I from our house sitting stay in Ulm to Munich for a day of beer sampling!! We were both surprised at how comfy and cosy it was and I’d definitely be up for more journeys in the future. 

When Are the Next FlixBus Sales in 2024?

FlixBus tends to host sales at several times throughout the year and so here’s what’s currently on offer, and what to expect in the near future.

Flixbus driving along a road at sunset

Current FlixBus Sales

Sadly, there are not any current FlixBus sales or discount codes but we’ll update it here as and when there are!

Past FlixBus Sales

Ending on 21st April 2024, FlixBus was celebrating its third year of operation in the UK and marked the occasion by offering £2 tickets for journeys across England, Scotland and Wales. 

What Routes Can I Take?

This sale includes lots of Flixbus services across the UK, and as part of the promotion they’ve added some new routes too.

Now you can hop on a FlixBus from Stoke-On-Trent and Birmingham straight to Manchester Airport, and from Cardiff, Swansea and Newport direct to Bristol Airport.

Flixbus currently covers 75 UK destinations. Here are just some of the routes included in the £2 sale:

  • Aberdeen – Dundee
  • Bath – London
  • Bridgend – Bristol Airport
  • Bristol – London
  • Coventry – Birmingham
  • Leeds – Sunderland
  • Liverpool – Birmingham
  • London – Bridgend
  • Manchester to Liverpool
  • Nottingham – Leeds
  • Perth – Aberdeen
  • Sheffield – Bradford
  • Swansea – Bristol
  • York – Leeds
Flixbus £2 Sale

How Do I Find FlixBus Sale Tickets?

To find sale tickets, just head to the Flixbus website homepage or app. Enter your desired route and travel date in the search bar – remember, whilst you have to book by Sunday 21 April, this offer is valid for journeys until 12 May 2024.

Once you get to the results page, you’ll see a list of available times and prices, including any £2 tickets for that route.

If there aren’t any £2 tickets available, it means it’s not available on that route or they’ve all been sold out!

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Does the Sale Include Flixbus Routes in Europe?

This sale is just for FlixBus routes across the UK. They’re offering those sweet £2 tickets for journeys within England, Scotland and Wales, making it super affordable to explore different spots within these countries.

When Does the FlixBus Sale End?

The Flixbus sale is running from Monday 15 April until Sunday 21 April on journeys up until 12 May 2024. Tickets can be bought on the Flixbus website or app.

Isn’t There Already a £2 Cap on Local Bus Tickets?

In England, there’s a government-supported programme that limits the price of local bus tickets to £2 until December 2024. However, FlixBus’s offer of £2 tickets covers longer intercity routes, and allows travellers to more freely explore England, Scotland and Wales, where the £2 cap doesn’t apply.

So, if you’ve been eyeing scenic journeys like the one from Bristol to Swansea or from Glasgow to Inverness via the stunning Cairngorms, this deal is your golden ticket.

When Will The Next FlixBus Sale Be?

We don’t currently know when the next FlixBus sale will be – we’ll keep a keen eye out for you though!

But our top tip is to follow them on their social media as that’s where we found out about their most recent deal.

Make sure you’re also following us on Instagram or X, where we’ll give you the heads up too!

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