Do I Need a Passport Name Change After Marriage?

Changing the surname on your passport after your wedding if you’re planning to take your new partner’s name seems pretty straightforward at first glance. However if you plan on travelling straight after your big day it could result in some confusion, especially if the names on all your travel documents don’t match.

Here’s the lowdown on when to change the name on your passport and how it could affect your travel plans.

Passport Name Change After Marriage

Do I Need To Update My Passport With My New Married Name?

Officially, the name on your passport should match your legal name. Basically, if you plan to take your partner’s name, the UK government wants this change to be reflected in your official documents, which include your passport.

However, your passport doesn’t have to be changed straight away and it’s perfectly fine to wait for your passport to expire before making this change – even if it has quite a few years left on it.

What Name Should I Use For My Honeymoon Booking?

If you plan on using your new married name to book your honeymoon, you should ensure that all your travel documents, such as your passport, flight ticket and hotel reservation, match your new name.

It’s an easy mistake to book your honeymoon flight months in advance with your maiden name, and then rock up to the airport with a passport that has your married name on it. However most UK airlines, like Ryanair, British Airways and easyJet, will refuse to let you board the flight and charge you to change the name on your ticket.

So, to avoid any hiccups, you might consider booking the trip in the name that’s already on your passport and then updating your passport with your new married last name after you return. This way, you can enjoy your honeymoon stress-free without worrying about any potential travel mishaps.

When Should I Change The Name on My Passport?

Passport Name Change After Marriage

If you decide you want to update your passport with your married name before the big day, you can apply for a passport in this new name up to three months in advance.

However, your old passport will be cancelled and your new passport will be labelled as “post-dated”, meaning you can’t use it until after the date of the ceremony. The application may also request that you send them your current passport.

Also, keep in mind some countries won’t issue visas for post-dated passports. So, before you jet off to your dream holiday, check the regulations with the embassy or consulate of the country you plan to visit.

If you’re not fussed about changing your name right away, you can do it after the ceremony at a time that suits you.

Can I Wait Until My Passport Expires Before Changing My Name on My New Passport?

If you don’t want to get a new passport before it’s necessary, that’s fine – you can wait until your passport approaches expiry before applying for one in your new name.

How Do I Apply for a Passport Name Change?

When you apply to change the name on your passport, you will be issued a new passport altogether, so you must fill out a standard passport application. Which process you follow depends on whether you want your new passport before or after your wedding ceremony.

Applying for a New Passport Before the Wedding Ceremony

As well as filling out your new passport application form, you will need to complete a separate PD2 form. This PD2 or “passports for newlyweds and civil partners” form must be completed in two parts. Council’s may charge a fee to complete this.

Part one must be filled out and signed by the religious minister or registrar who will conduct the ceremony, and can be done up to three months before the date of the ceremony. There is sometimes a charge for this service. Part two should be completed by you. Although the main passport application should be filled out with the new name you want to use, the separate PD2 form should be your current/ previous name, not the name you will take.

Applying for a New Passport After the Wedding Ceremony

As well as filling out your new passport application form, you will need to send in your original marriage or civil partnership certificate. This must be the full certificate and not the short version, and will be returned to you, although not necessarily at the same time as your new passport arrives.

When Will I Receive My New Passport?

Once you’ve sent in your old passport, submitted your documents and provided any additional information, it could take up to 10 weeks to receive your new passport.

However, we asked a load of Cheap Holiday Expert readers for feedback on how long it took them and the good news is that many get their passports back a lot sooner!

How long does it take to renew a passport in 2024? With the UK government advising 10 weeks, we asked 100 people how realistic that was.

So if you plan to use this new passport for your honeymoon, give yourself a sufficient amount of time to receive it. Applying for your passport as far in advance as possible which is three months before your wedding  will help you receive it in time.

How Much Will It Cost To Change My Name on My Passport?

An online passport application is priced at £82.50. However, if you apply at the post office it will cost £93. You can opt for a fast-track service for an additional price.

Everything you need to know when applying for a new adult or child UK passport and how to pay the lowest price possible.

What Do We Recommend?

Overall, there’s no rush to change the surname on your passport. If you have tight travel plans after your wedding, it’s perfectly fine to go by your partner’s surname personally, and then legally change it after your trip. However, if you really are itching to make the change official just make sure all your travel documents and bookings have the same name on them, and apply for your new passport well in advance.

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Passport name change after marriage

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