How to Get a Whole Plane Row to Yourself

There’s nothing better than having the whole row to yourself when going on holiday – and here’s a super simple travel hack to get it for free.

What’s more – I’ve even gone and tested it out for you too!

This travel hack works for when you’re travelling in a pair and here’s what you need to do.

When choosing your seats, select an empty row and instead of sitting together, opt for the window seat at the aisle seat.

Why does this travel hack work?

Solo travellers are much less likely to select a seat in between two strangers, meaning you’re upping your chances of having the row to yourself if the plane isn’t fully booked.

Have you tested this travel hack out?

Yes! Several times and most recently on a flight from London to Corfu.

Here’s what happened.

What row should I go for?

People tend to want to book closer to the front of the plane so choosing towards the back may increase your chances further – but it’s all about how the specific airline allocates their seats (they’re all different I’m afraid!).

As you will have seen above, I went for row 13 as many deem it as ‘unlucky’ (in fact, some airlines don’t even have a row 13 for this reason!!) and so I felt it was a good compromise between position on the plane and chance of getting the row to ourselves.

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What happens if someone sits inbetween you?

The great news about this hack is that if someone does book the seat between you, 9 times out of 10 they’ll be very happy to move to the aisle or the window seat so you can sit with your travel partner.

If they don’t want to move, then that’s completely their right so don’t huff and puff and chalk it down to one of the small risks for trying to get some extra space!

When else has it worked for you?

It worked a treat on both flights from London to Dubai, then on to Bangkok and it was amazing to have all that extra space!

However, on the way back, the flight was full so someone was sat between us. However, they kindly moved over and so it worked out just fine for everyone.

All in all, I would say it’s had a 60% success rate and overall, is well worth a go!

What if you’re travelling on your own?

Set an alarm and check in as early as you can to get the seat you want.

I’ve also heard about solo travellers booking a middle seat in a clear row and then getting it themselves! It’s a risky strategy but you’ve gotta be in it to win it!

Any more tips?

Remember that this is a fun hack that’s part of trying to get a bit more for your money – but no one owes you that extra space! So if you get it, amazing!! But go into it thinking you won’t and always be kind to those you interact with when doing it.

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