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Get ready for a wild festive ride across Europe as we’re diving headfirst into seven Christmas markets in seven days – all chosen by you!

Our Europe Christmas Market Crawl kicked off in style at the Budapest Christmas Market. I reviewed each market I visited and dropped daily videos over on Instagram and TikTok, so you can binge watch my search for Best Christmas Market in Europe.

Markets I've visited:

Europe Christmas Market

How it Works

Here’s the fun part: You’re the boss!

Through daily polls on my Instagram stories, you shaped this whole adventure. Every day, you were given a one-hour window to vote on the next market and country you want to see. Then it was my job to find a way – be it by train, bus or plane – to hit up the market that scores the most votes.

Once there, I dove headfirst into the festive vibes, getting all the deets on everything from the best mulled wine to the tastiest German sausages, and delivering the inside scoop on the whole market scene.

A quick summary

Before the actual review, he’s a quick summary of the one of the most important parts of a Christmas market. How much are the sausages? And how much is the mulled wine?!

The Prices:





















First Stop: Budapest Christmas Market

Chosen thanks to its place as the ‘number one Christmas Market in Europe in 2023’, I thought Budapest’s Advent Feast at the Basilica would be the perfect place to get this show on the road.

Here’s my full review of Budapest Christmas Market for you to have a read through.

Budapest's Advent Feast at the Basilica has been crowned the best Christmas market in Europe, I'm spilling the beans on all the good stuff – from food and drinks to activities and prices.

Second Stop: Vienna!

That’s right, you voted that I should head to the Capital of Austria next!

And to get there, I had to jump on XXX which cost me XXX. I should take this moment to say that this is not a budget challenge, thanks to the last minute nature of this!! I’m not expecting anyone to recreate this mad dash across Europe, but hopefully, it will help you decide the best place to go for your next Christmas Market trip.

Here’s what I made of XXX Christmas Market

Here’s my full review of the Vienna Christmas Market for you to have a read through.

I’m giving the lowdown on all Vienna's Christkindlmarkt am Rathausplatz Christmas Market has to offer, including festive food and drinks, fun activities and shopping.

Third Stop: Kraków!

My Christmas Market Crawl took me to the city’s biggest festive attraction – Kraków Christmas Market held in the main square.

I'm dishing out all the important Kraków Christmas Market info, like the available activities, food and drink prices, and the best places to stay during your Kraków city break.

Forth Stop: Berlin!

Day four of our Christmas Market adventure brings us to Berlin, and there are PLENTY of markets to choose from in Berlin, but which one did I go to?!

In this Berlin Christmas Market review, I’m breaking down some of the best spots for seasonal fun – from gingerbread and glühwein (mulled wine) to shopping and activities.

Fifth Stop: Cologne!

We’re still in Germany but this time in Cologne, where I explored the Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market and the Heinzels Wintermärchen.

I'm giving the lowdown on two of the finest Cologne Christmas markets: the Cologne Cathedral Christmas Market and Heinzels Wintermärchen.

Sixth Stop: Basel!

I explored Switzerland’s Basler Weihnachtsmarkt. With two Christmas markets in the mix, it’s a Basel hotspot that lures in visitors from all over Europe!

Seventh Stop: Strasbourg!

The last stop on my epic Christmas Market Crawl was the jam-packed Strasbourg festivities. No seriously – this French city boasts over 15 Christmas markets scattered throughout its streets!

What European Christmas Market Was the Best?

Take a look at my ranking of the Christmas markets I visited, starting from the least impressive to the absolute best!

Here's our list of the best Christmas Markets in Europe in 2023 including opening times and dates, and what festive treats to expect.
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