Fantasy Holiday: 7 day Greek island hopping itinerary

As we can’t travel at the moment, I started making ‘Fantasy Holidays’ over on my Instagram where my followers vote on where we’re going, what we’re doing and how much we’re spending! 

Then it’s down to me to pull together a fantasy holiday that includes pictures, videos, music and oh – I may even throw a few ‘characters’ in there too…

Week 1 saw a jaunt to New York, week 2 it was a beach trip to Koh Lanta in Thailand and week 3, in honour of St David’s Day, was a road trip around North Wales!

This week, however, we embarked on a 7 day island hopping tour around the Greek Cyclades islands which you can check experience for yourself here.

Mykonos ocean

7 day Greece island hopping itinerary

Here’s the itinerary from the fantasy holiday – you can scroll on through or simply click the part you’re interested in to be taken straight to the information.

But first, why Greece and how likely will a holiday there go ahead?

Why should I go to Greece in 2021?

Greece is proving very popular for 2021 and there’s a few reasons why, including:

  • The Greek tourism minister has already stated they want to open to UK tourists with or without a vaccine passport
  • They’ve had a fairly low case rate throughout the pandemic compared to their neighbours –  though it is currently rising at the moment
  • And in general, it’s a popular choice thanks to its climate and beauty
Will a 2021 holiday in Greece go ahead?

We still don’t know the details about when we will be able to travel internationally though 17th May 2021 has been flagged as the earliest possible date. We’ll hear more about this from the government on 12th April 2021  – I’ll be covering all the updates over on my Instagram.

I’m definitely of the mindset that it doesn’t hurt to book something but only as long as you have flexible booking terms. Package holidays will give you more protection or, if you fancy doing it yourself, just book accommodation with free cancellation and go for a cheap flight that if you were to lose the money on, it wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Where are The Cyclades and why should I visit them?
The Cyclades is a group of Greek islands, southeast of the mainland in the Aegean Sea. There’s around 220 islands but the most well known are the popular holiday destinations of Santorini and Mykonos. Yet, there’s much more to see than just that – as our fantasy holiday will prove!

Cheap flights to Greece in 2021

The great news is that there’s plenty of well priced options for this summer and beyond for Greece.

Here’s how the prices are looking from London to Mykonos with prices as low as £27 one way!

I always use Google Flights to look first as their calendar view is really helpful, but then I always make sure to check the prices on Skyscanner too. Always note who you’re booking with though as both may direct you to an online travel agent rather than the airline who may give you different cancellation terms.

For our fantasy holiday, I went for a flight from London to Mykonos on 22nd September which cost £31 one way.

On the way back – from Santorini this time – I found a flight back to London on 29th September for £69 one way.

A quick reminder that easyJet have changed their baggage policy so carry on cases are no longer included in the price of your ticket – you can expect to pay an extra £17 each way to add that!

Chic Mykonos accommodation on a budget

Honestly, I can’t get over how chic this hostel is!

It’s called MyCocoon Hostel and for our dates, cost just £39 for a double bed or £24 for a single bed in a shared dormitory.

However, the stand out for me was definitely the pool area!

Dinner at Kastro's restaurant

Kastro’s in Mykonos is not only known for its traditional food – the restaurant has been around since 1976 – but for its incredible views across the ocean.

In fact, you may have seen this shot before on Instagram as it captures the perfect mix of white-wash buildings, cute restaurant decor and the oh so blue sea.

There’s also an option to sit out front which will give you a view of Mykonos’ iconic windmills – though you may get splashed by the waves!

You can check out the menu here – I think I’d have to go for the Sea Bass and the Greek Yoghurt Panna Cotta!

Kastro's Restaurant Mykonos

The best ferry website for island hopping

If you want to go island hopping, you better get ready to book some ferries!

Having done lots of research on this in the past, the best website I found for booking was ferryhopper which not only kept the prices down – lots of others have secret admin fees you don’t see until the end! – but it also has a very easy to use website.

In the fantasy holiday, we used the ferry three times:

  • Mykonos to Paros – 45 mins – €32
  • Paros to Naxos – 45 mins – €10
  • Naxos to Santorini – 1 hour – €42.80
Ferry in Greece

As you can see, the prices don’t always correlate to speed though in general, faster services will cost more than slower ones when you’re looking at one place to another.

ferryhopper also have an ‘island hopping’ option on their search page so that you can book more than one ferry at once.

The best Paros Airbnbs for under £100 a night

The reason I took us to Paros instead of staying on Mykonos is because you get much better value for money there. Not only in the bars and restaurants, but in your accommodation too.

I was given a budget of £100 a night and so found a bevvy of beautiful Airbnbs that fit the bill perfectly. 

I was searching for availability between 23rd – 27th September so I’m sure there are plenty more options for other dates too.

The best luxury hotels in Naxos

In Naxos, we decided to treat ourselves so checked into Naxian On The Beach which is not only well rated on Google and, but it’s also featured on Mr and Mrs Smith – a site that only lists the best boutique hotels!

Naxian On The Beach

Premium Lower Floor Sea View with Jet Tub
Flexible rate including breakfast
£187.33 a night

Deluxe Upper Floor Sea View Suite with Jet Tub
Flexible rate including breakfast
£209.26 a night

Looking for a bit more choice? Try these instead:

Need help finding the cheapest night to stay? Try my guide here!

Looking for alternative things to do in Santorini?

You guys called for an alternative tourist activity to end the fantasy holiday and Santorini did not disappoint!

I found this amazing experience – you get to attend a reenactment of a 1940’s Greek wedding, complete with music, dancing and… UNLIMITED WINE!

It costs €55 per person and it’s the only thing that wasn’t quite accurate in my fantasy holiday (forgive me!) as it takes place around 9pm each evening – we would have been on the flight home at that time!

You can find out more at The White Door Theatro.

I hope that gave you some travel inspiration!

And make sure you’re following me on Instagram so that you can take part in the next Fantasy Holiday.

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