How to Measure Your Bag at Home Without a Tape Measure

It’s always tricky trying to decide whether your bag will meet the baggage allowance restrictions and fit in the dreaded baggage sizer at the airport.

Well, thanks to a hardly known feature that’s hidden away on the easyJet app, called the ‘cabin bag sizer’, you can check from home without the use of a tape measure!

Using 3D augmented reality, the tool uses your device’s camera to ‘scan’ your luggage and check whether it meets the airline’s baggage allowance.

Sounds complicated? Fortunately, it’s really easy to use!

easyjet cabin bag sizer app

What Hand Luggage Are You Allowed to Take on easyJet?

Before we dive into this nifty bit of technology, it’s worth reminding ourselves what easyJet allow you to take on board one of their flights.

Baggage Small Cabin Bag

Small Cabin Bag

Included for free. Must fit underneath the seat in front. 

Max size
45cm x 20cm x 36cm

Max Weight

Also known as
Small cabin bag

Large Cabin Bag

Available for an extra fee. Must fit in the overhead compartment.

Max size
56cm x 45cm x 25cm

Max Weight

Also known as
Large cabin bag

easyJet Baggage Fees

Remember, these dimensions are not the same for every low cost airline. Check out our baggage guide if you need help deciphering what you can take on your upcoming flight.

Here's the baggage allowance and luggage limits for flight bookings with Ryanair, easyJet, Wizz Air, British Airways, Jet2 and TUI in 2023.

What is The EasyJet Cabin Bag Sizer App Feature?

The easyJet bag sizer App feature powered by Apple’s ARKit 2 technology and works with the phone camera to scan real-life luggage and determine whether the cabin luggage will fit easyJet’s baggage allowance measurements.

This actually isn’t new technology – easyJet released this feature back in 2019 however it’s gone under the radar for many. I only just discovered it!

The good news though, is that the dimensions it shows are up to date with what the airline currently allows on board.

baggage sizer Easyjet

How Do I Use the easyJet Cabin Bag Sizer App?

Download the app easyJet app

The feature is only available on iPhone 6S and above (using iOS 11 and above)

Select the menu tab on the top right hand corner

Scroll down to “Cabin bag sizer”

Select your bag size

Once the app opens your mobile camera you will be able to choose the type of cabin bag you want to check - either 'small' or 'large'

Find a clear space and point your camera at the floor

Keep in mind that patterned carpets tend to confuse the AR

Locate the 3D bag sizer

Move your camera around until you see an orange 3D box appear on your screen. You can use your fingers to move this and spin it around to where you want

Tap the 3D bag sizer to lock it in place

When you're happy, tap the orange 3D box to 'lock' it in place

Check your luggage fits

Grab your luggage and now check to see if it fits in the 3D bag sizer

Our top tips on how to avoid hand luggage fees at the airport - from the best bags to the sneaky tips to getting a bigger bag on board for free!

Watch Me Use the easyJet Cabin Bag Sizer App

Just me, or is it always easier to do something after watching someone else?!

Is the easyJet Cabin Bag Sizer App Accurate?

As long as you’ve followed all the instructions, you should get quite an accurate reading on whether your luggage will fit on your next easyJet flight.

However, easyJet does say:

"Customers should note that the app feature is indicative only  - customers remain responsible for ensuring their baggage strictly adheres to our allowances. Please see our baggage help page for full details.  We accept no liability for any fees the customer may have to pay if their cabin bag is oversized."

Does this defeat the point? Perhaps a little bit, yes. But what I like about the app is that it gives you a good visual reference for the shape of the baggage sizers that you may be asked to slot your bags inside at the airport.

Also, if you find yourself without a traditional way to measure your luggage, it’s definitely a clever hack to check you’re on the right lines.

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How to measure your bags at home without a tape measure

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