Domes of Corfu Review with Pictures

Domes of Corfu – formerly the Lti Louis Grand Hotel – opened its refurbished doors in the summer of 2021. Located on the Blue Flag awarded Glyfada beach, it’s bohemian interiors and 5 star ratings promise a lot, but what’s it actually like to stay?

I travelled there with my boyfriend James in October 2021 and here’s what we made of it.

Now, this review does go IN DEPTH and so if you just wanna know my final thoughts, you can jump ahead hereBut otherwise, let’s get stuck in!

Before we begin the Domes of Corfu review

I think it’s really important before we go on to remember that whilst this is a 5 star hotel, it’s not a 5 star luxury hotel. The star rating often relies on a long list of facilities – which this hotel has – but I think expecting to get a hotel akin to a Four Seasons is setting yourself up for a fail.

 I say this now because I know what I’m like when I read reviews – one tiny negative and I’m put off – and so this is to remind you that everything is relative to the price you pay and Domes of Corfu is an affordable 5 star option.

How much did we pay?

We booked a Sapphire Sublime One Bedroom Suite for 7 nights between Sat 9th – Sat 16th October 2021.

All rooms when we booked were half board as standard, though it looks like there may be breakfast only options available in 2022.

This was one of the best rooms in the hotel – with a seaview – and was a Haute Living Selection room meaning we got extra perks including upgrading all our dinners from buffet to 3 course a la carte menus and access to a ‘Haute Living Room’ which had free food and drink all day. But more on that below.

Domes of Corfu sapphire sublime one bedroom suite

We also booked whilst there was a Twogether Package available to couples of friends travelling together which again, I’ll go into more below

Finally, the price included BA economy flights from London Heathrow with 23kg checked luggage each.

In total, this cost £728pp.

How much was the cheapest room?

The cheapest room – the Tropical Retreat – for the same dates would have cost us £545pp. This would not have had the Haute Living Selection perks, but it would have had the Twogether Package.

Tropical Retreat Domes of Corfu

However, if we’d done a week Monday to Monday, it could have been as cheap as £501pp! Unfortunately, James can only really take full weeks off – GODDAMIT PAL.

Are there any other potential offers?

Domes of Corfu is now an Autograph Collection Hotel which is part of the Marriott family and so if you are a Marriott Bonvoy member there may be even more perks you can access like room upgrades and late checkout.

However, I’d also check out package holidays as we got an additional saving on our hotel due to booking everything with British Airways.

Checking in

We got a private taxi to the hotel from the airport (more on that below) and to enter the hotel grounds, we had to confirm our names with security.

I imagine it was due to this that when we turned up, two staff knew who we were and took our luggage from us straightaway to take to our room – nice!

We then got sat down on a sofa behind reception and were asked to fill in several forms – general terms, health forms, Covid forms – accompanied by a welcome cocktail. It tasted like an aperol spritz but in hindsight, it may have been using kumquat liquor as it’s a local drink!

After taking our forms back to the front desk, a man called Konstantinos gave us a tour of the hotel before showing us to our room.

On reflection, this may well have been a perk of booking one of the hotel’s Haute Living Selection rooms and if so, it was a nice touch. We felt very looked after.

The room options

There’s a range of rooms available to book at Domes of Corfu. The prices are what are on the official website but if you’re booking in a package, you may well be able to find a cheaper deal like we did.

All the rates include half board as standard at present but please check 2022 prices for confirmation.


Tropical Retreat – from €156 a night
Sapphire Retreat – from €172 a night
Horizon Open Plan Suite – from €187 a night
Sapphire Open Plan Suite – from €195 a night
Sapphire Open Plan Suite with Swim Up – from €211 a night
Sapphire Sublime One Bedroom Suite – from €211 a night
Sapphire Sublime Open Plan Suite with Swim Up – from €223 a night


Tropical Family Retreat – from €224 a night

Sapphire Family Retreat – €233 a night

Tropical Sublime Family Suite – from €259 a night

Sapphire Sublime Family Suite – from €262 a night

There’s a lot of variations there but in general, all the rooms throughout are fairly similar but with nicer views and added ‘living spaces’ on for the more expensive options. I’d also highlight that whilst called ‘suites’, they’re not as big as suites you may find in luxury hotels.

If you’re going to spend most of your time at the beach or the pool, then I guess the view doesn’t matter so much but I’d say it’s worth paying for a sea view room as the sides of the hotel don’t have the best views  and you may even end up getting an inner courtyard view.

Sapphire Sublime One Bedroom Suite

We really liked our room – I loved the bohemian style and the huge King Size bed and fluffy pillows made for an incredibly comfy sleep.

The room – especially around the bed – is quite dark but we liked this as there’s plenty of smaller lights that create a nice, cosy ambience. 

The living area is separated by a heavy curtain which, whilst it wouldn’t keep the sound out, definitely kept the light out and came in use one afternoon when James took a nap and I sat on the sofa (which is also a sofa bed) with the windows opened.

In addition, there are heavy curtains on the sliding doors out to the balcony and so if you like a dark room to sleep in, you’re going to love this room.

A surprise feature for us was how much storage there was! A wardrobe with around 12 hangers also had 2 deep drawers. Then there were 2 other draws by the bed, big drawers in the bedside tables and space to store your luggage underneath the bed. Finally, there was a cupboard above the coffee station and so it was lovely to pack all our stuff away at the start and feel like we’d really settled.

There was also an ironing board, a safe, a hairdryer and a welcome gift of candied almonds and kumquat liquor – which I believe we got as part of our Twogether offer.

The TV has some English news and music channels but we didn’t use it much as we weren’t able to screen share as we had Apple phones – but I believe it would work for Android users.

We had a balcony with two chairs and a table, and a great view of the resort and the sea! 

We were in room 221 which was on the 3rd floor, at the far right of the hotel (if facing the sea) and directly underneath the buffet restaurants balcony. We thought this may be quite noisy but beyond hearing them moving the tables before service, it didn’t distract us at all and was more than fine. To the right there is a generator which you can hear if you’re outside but I am really sensitive to low hums and it didn’t bother me much – the sound of the sea is louder!

Due to being on this floor, we were under a lip where the restaurant balcony is and so didn’t get too much direct sun. Therefore, if this is important to you, it may be worth requesting a room higher up.

The bathroom was new and modern and featured a walk in shower with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, soap and shaving kit, as well as lots of towels and robes for 2.

Apologies, I was definitely quite merry when we were checking in (blame the gins on the plane!) and so simply forgot to take photos of the bathroom but screen grabbed the picture shown below when I was filming check out (hence the towels on the floor!).

You can get a better idea of the room in my Youtube tour which will be up soon!

Is there breakfast only, full board or all inclusive options at Domes of Corfu?

If you book direct on the Marriott site, there does appear to be a Full Board option in 2021 but at around £50 extra a night, I’m not sure it’s worth it just for lunch.

There isn’t an all inclusive option and when I look at 2022 prices, it looks like there will be breakfast only options as well.

Haute Living Selection

Haute Living is the name given to the Domes franchises VIP service – it’s almost like a hotel within a hotel.

By booking an ‘HLS’ room, you get “exclusive access to VIP areas, exceptional dining options, round-the-clock dedicated concierge service and host of luxury services and premium extras”.

At Domes of Corfu, this is available if you book the following rooms:

The website states that the following are part of the HLS perks at Dome of Corfu:

  • direct line to our dedicated HLS manager and team from your dedicated cell phone
  • 24/7 concierge service, with a
  • 24/7 exclusive access to Haute Living Room, including food and beverages
  • Domes exclusive check-in experience
  • pillow menu
  • upgraded room amenities
  • luxury toiletries
  • complimentary upgrade to Dine Around HB (breakfast and dinner) at all our restaurants
  • farewell gift

The ‘Dine Around Half Board’ also meant that we could swap our buffet dinner for a 3 course meal which was such a great bonus.

I would say that most of the perks are available though access to the Haute Living Room was 10am – 10pm and we didn’t get a dedicated cell phone – though we didn’t feel like we needed it.

As we paid an extra £183 per person (£26.14 a day) to book a HLS room with these perks so the big question – which I’ll get to soon – is was it worth it?!

Domes of Corfu offers

At the time of our booking, there was a Twogether Package available to couples of friends travelling together which included: 

  • One Domes Spa Experience
  • One romantic a la carte dinner, under the starlight Mediterranean sky (drinks not incl)
  • One tailor made evening cocktail session, by the resort’s Adult Only Swimming Pool
  • One welcome package with a signature welcome cocktail and local nibbles

For the spa experience, we got a 30 minute massage each which was worth €85 a piece. We did have to ask about this as weren’t reminded to book when we arrived. 

As we already had access to nightly a la carte dinners thanks to HLS, we swapped this one for a 3 course lunch instead which would have cost us €35 each.

We didn’t get a cocktail session, but we did get a voucher for a cocktail worth €10 each which we were more than happy with.

Finally, you’ve already seen that we got some candied almonds and kumquat liquor on arrival which was a real treat!

You can find out if there are any offers available for your dates here, though it’s worth checking third party sites too as this was available through British Airways Holidays for more dates than what it says direct.

The restaurants


Agora is the buffet restaurant where you will eat breakfast and dinner under the standard Half Board package. It has a large inside seating area as well as a balcony with sea views which you can also sit out on.


Agora is the one place for breakfast and runs from 0730-1130am each day. On offer was:

  • tea, coffees and orange juice
  • cereals, fruit and yoghurts
  • cheese, cold cuts and salad
  • breads (and a toaster) 
  • cakes and pastries
  • pancakes and waffles (pre-made)
  • scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs and omelettes to order
  • hot breakfast items including bacon, sausage, beans, hash browns and mushrooms

There was A LOT on offer and it took a couple of days to work out what was good and worked for us. This ended up being:

  • Greek yoghurt, banana and honey 
  • Melon, watermelon and pineapple
  • Fresh omelette and salad
  • Toast

We were more than happy feast on this every day and since we tended to get a late breakfast – around 1030am – this often kept us going until mid afternoon.


Whilst we had the option to eat a la carte every dinner, we did try out the buffet dinner twice – once by choice and the second time because bad weather closed our restaurant.

Each night, the restaurant is open between 6 – 10pm and it has a different theme – International, Tex Mex, Italian, etc.

The first night was a ‘Corfu night’ which a few of the staff raved about. They normally have live music to accompany this but when we asked where they were, we were told that they weren’t allowed to perform due to Covid.

I went for some sea bass, pasta, slaw, some salad and some very questionable ouzo with an octopus nibble on top. I also had some moussaka which was really good, and some herby wedges. Overall, it was pretty good – but I always find buffets to be a bit of a game of finding what’s good and for me personally, don’t compare to a dish that’s been designed to go together.

The caramel ice cream, however, was a total win, though I’d avoid the cheap tasting toffee sauce!

We paid for a glass of wine each (€7) and a large bottle of sparkling water (€3,50).

On the other night, there was a Mediterranean theme but in all honesty, it wasn’t hugely different to the Corfu night.

It looks a right old mess, I KNOW, but I had some chicken and beef (fine), potatoes with onions (yum) , veg lasagne (interesting), broccoli (standard), stuffed aubergine (nice!) and… is that a tiny block cheese? Yes, yes it is.

I couldn’t say no to the caramel ice cream again and stuck an eclair on top – what’s not to like?

In general, my thoughts are if you stick to something simple – meat or fish with some salad, veg and some potatoes – then you’re going to be happy but start dipping into the more complex dishes and it becomes a bit more of a lucky dip!!

Overall, the food here was alright! Nothing to write home about but also nothing to complain about either. Such is often the way with buffets and this is all coming from someone who would never ever opt for a buffet versus a set meal.

If you have kids, I’m sure they’d love it and be spoilt for choice!

The a la carte restaurants

A quick word about the a la carte restaurants – book them early! And if you’re on a full board or haute living package, get your first couple of nights booked before you arrive.

We got very lucky with a cancellation on our first night but otherwise couldn’t get a table until our third night – though it wasn’t helped that bad weather has closed the Greek restaurant on beach.


Frourio is the Italian restaurant on site which we ended up eating at 4 times, meaning we tried most of the menu!


In general, the starters were really good. Whilst it is the most simple, I think my favourite was the Caprese salad as the plum tomatoes were so juicy and the whole dish tasted super fresh.


The mains ranged from fine to really good but my general feedback is that it often felt like style over substance. For me, the beauty of Italian is in its simplicity! And I do think they’re lacking a solid pasta dish.

The better dishes were the roast lamb (James had it twice),  the Osso Bucco (delish!) and the Sauted Sea Bass (though less fussed on its sides).

The dish that ‘needs improvement’ is definitely the Wholewheat Penne which reminded me of something I’d rustle up when trying to get rid of the old veg in the fridge! It tasted fine but for €21… It was disappointing.

I am aware that the inflated prices may be there to help those on a package feel like they’re getting better value – I just hope paying customers go for the meat and fish dishes instead!


The desserts weren’t great – hence the lack of photos as we just stopped ordering them! However the passion fruit sorbet was lovely.

I didn’t get many photos of the restaurant itself but here’s one from the night where there were musicians serenading everyone!

Overall – there were lots of good options but if I was a paying customer, I wouldn’t have visited more than once – as long as the other restaurants were open.

We always ordered a bottle of sparkling water for €3,50 with our meal and glasses of wine started at €7 and bottles started at €25. A draught beer was €4,50.


Topos is the Greek taverna on the beach but due to the bad weather it was closed for most of our week’s stay however we struck lucky at lunchtime one day where we were able to use our ‘free a la carte meal’ that we got with our Twogether Package.

Here’s the menu, and here’s what we had.

The starters were BANGING – so good – and James’ fish was really good too. My linguine was decent, though it was a lot of spaghetti for not a lot of seafood. And as for the desserts… Well. This was where I learnt that it’s probably best to stick to the ice cream. It wasn’t that it was bad, it just tasted quite synthetic… Let’s just say I left half which is not like me.

But overall, it was good and we were excited to try out more of the menu and absolutely gutted when we didn’t get a chance to.


Core Spianada

Core Spianada is the more casual restaurant offering that has a ‘street food’ lunch menu as well as a couple of themed evenings including Beers & Burger and a Greek Souvlaki night.

Unfortunately both nights got rained off – I was so sad! But we did have a daytime beer here when it was raining, and also swapped one of our dinners for a lunch voucher which we used here.

You can check out the menus here.

The lunch food was really good and the price was really decent compared to the a la carte restaurants. Sure, you don’t feel like you’re getting the same value as a 3 course meal but it was just nice to eat something a bit different. It’s just a shame this menu doesn’t run any later than 6pm.


In addition to the restaurants, there’s three bars at the hotel – Paralia Bar, Ayeri Wine Bar and Nkaleri bar.

Of the three, we only went to Nkaleri where we had port and baileys one night (because we’re old people) and cocktails another and it was a really nice space with a great selection of drinks. 

As long as it’s not too cold., you can also sit out on the terrace and listen to the waves crashing on the shore which was so lovely too!

However, the main reason we didn’t drink in these bars was because we had access to…

Haute Living Room

So, quick reminder, this is the space you get access to if you book one of Domes ‘Haute Living’ rooms and is the main reason we were interested in this deal!

We couldn’t find any pictures online so we kind of chanced it – and boy are we glad we did!

The room is open from 10am – 10pm and has a constant supply of food and drinks on offer.

During the day you can get beer, wine, spirits and soft drinks and between 6 -8pm, they even serve cocktails! These are premixed in jars which they serve with ice but they’re really good considering (AND STRONG).

As for the food, we were really surprised at how much there was. I thought it would be a couple of nibbles, but not enough to sustain you but the truth was that combined with our late breakfast, we only had lunch at the hotel 2 other days.

Around 1/2pm they also bring out ‘hot’ food and it was all really tasty and they changed it up every day so it never felt monotonous. 

Here’s a selection of the food and drink we had in the room.

Because I’m a total saddo and kept track of what we had every day, I can reveal that between the two of us, we had 13 sparkling wines, 6 gin and tonics, 5 beers, 5 margaritas and 3 pornstar martinis… 

Here’s what each of those drinks would have cost in a bar on site:

  • Sparkling wine – €10
  • Gin and tonic – €9
  • Bottle of beer – €6
  • Cocktail – €10
  • Total = €294 (£248)

So basically, we nearly made back our money on drinks alone. I’m not sure if I’m proud of that or not (I’m lying, I am).

There were a couple of times when there was no space, but we didn’t have to wait long for a seat and in general, there aren’t that many rooms in the hotel that have access so it is quite ‘exclusive’. 

There’s always a staff member in there on hand to help which also means that if you’re not supposed to be there, you will get kicked out. SOZ ABOUT THAT.

I guess the only negative is that you couldn’t take anything, other than bottles of water, outside of the room but it’s to be expected given the point of the room.

Other spaces

These don’t have a name as such but there are a couple of places you can sit out, including a space on the second floor and a third floor lounge area.

Pool area

There are three pools that guests can use:

  • The main pool
  • The kids pool (which I’ve managed to not take a photo of! But it is tiny!)
  • The adults only pool
There’s also a slimmer pool closer to the hotel which is exclusively for those who have booked ‘swim up’ rooms.

We had a lovely morning at the main pool on the loungers facing the sea and a nice couple of hours at the adults only pool where the sun loungers are MEGA COMFY.

They provide beach towels and all the parasols are fitted with a buzzer so you can easily order food and drink without even getting up!

The pools aren’t heated – as I painfully found out when I jumped in on one of the colder days – but I expect it’s lovely when it’s warm out.

And finally, there were plenty of loungers whilst we were there – but it was off peak and not the warmest.

The beach

The hotel is on Glyfada Beach and this strip of sand comes complete with its own lifeguard who is NOT afraid to blow his whistle at you.

But real talk, the waves were pretty big whilst we were there so I loved that there was someone looking out for everyone and keeping us in check.

There were about 40-50 sun loungers out when we were there, some with parasols complete with a button that allowed you to order food and drink to your location.

There’s also a beach bar where you can go up and order from, with very friendly staff!

Please note, the last couple of photos here were taken around 8am and so they were still setting up the walkways and parasols! 

This is very close to Core Spianada as well and so if you’re after lunch – or the loo – you don’t have to go far.

Finally, there are showers and foot showers on the beach to wash off any sand.

The spa

Next to the adults only pool is a spa with a whole host of treatments on it.

With our Twogether offer, we got a 30 minute massage each which was worth €85 each!!

We would normally never spend this on ourselves and so it was a huge treat, and whilst we don’t get them enough to know how it rated, it felt pretty damn good to us. We were in a double treatment room and so it’s completely possible to have your massages in a couple.

You can take a look at what’s on offer here.

The gym

Just off from the spa is a gym and forgive the crap photo, but I didn’t want to feature anyone’s faces whilst they were working out!

There’s dumbbells, a bike, a rowing machine, a couple of treadmills, a cross trainer and ample space for stretching. It’s small but perfectly formed and all the equipment is new.

Customer service

Considering this isn’t a luxury 5 star hotel, the customer service is absolutely fantastic.

Everyone was warm, charming and ready to help. A huge special shoutout to Konstantinos who was the biggest babe whenever we saw him and the staff at the Haute Living Room who had to see far too much of us… 


The Wifi was EXCELLENT – I’ve never come across such a quick upload speed before in a ‘public’ place before – and so if you’re hoping to do some work like we were, you won’t have a problem. It even reached down to the pools and so it was nice to have the options to work from wherever.

For children

So, I am not the best person to talk about this since I do not have children but I will say there were lots of young families there (but also not too many – it didn’t feel like a creche) and the website says there are facilities including a kids club and creche.

Of course, I imagine in peak school holiday times it would be a popular family resort! 

In bad weather

Did I mention that we had bad weather?! Haha.

Due to this, we got to experience what there was to do at the hotel when it rained.

Well, the answer is… Not that much.

It seemed that most people retired to their rooms as it didn’t feel that much busier, but in general it was a case of going to a bar and entertaining yourself, so I’d definitely recommend bringing some cards or a game to play for moments like this.

We ended up playing monopoly on the iPad, reading and watching Squid Game in our room.

The lifts

I’m only mentioning this as I’ve seen several reviews call out the lifts for not being updated.

To that I say… Sure. But you’re in them for mere seconds.

They work.

They’re absolutely fine.

Areas for improvement

Right, both of these things will come across as a negative but I’m merely stating them simply to manage your expectations so that if you come across it too, you’re like ‘oh yeah, I thought that might happen’.

The first is… The smell.

Now, when we arrived at the hotel it smelt great. SO GOOD. And it’s thanks to these big diffusers they have dotted around, mostly in their lobby areas. However, when these weren’t on you could catch waft of ‘something’ as you walked by. And if I was to best describe what that ‘something’ smelt of… I would have to say…

Mild flatulence?!?


And, I know that’s going to put people off but let me just hammer this home – it’s literally a second or so as you come up the stairs and through the lobby areas. It wasn’t anywhere where you’d sit down and stay. It’s such a minor inconvenience and obviously something that the hotel is aware of and dealing with but also, it’s good to know.

The other thing is wasps.

This one may be very specific to when we went – in early October – as this is when wasps are in their last few days and so are on a mega, pissed off sugar spree.

They only really impacted us when we were eating outside in Agora but it was to the extent where we chose to sit inside from then on.

I wouldn’t normally mention this sort of thing because it’s nature, ya know, but I did feel like the hotel could have done something. There were no devices up to try and catch them, or candles burnt to try and ward them off. Maybe it wasn’t possible but I was loathe to give up a beautiful view in return for some respite!

The surrounding area

The hotel is in Glyfada which has a lovely Blue Flag sandy beach – one of the best in Corfu apparently – which is surrounded by pine covered mountains. It honestly feels quite tropical – it’s a really stunning location.

The area has a small shop – where you can also rent cars from – a few tavernas and a water sports rental on the beach. 

However, as we were in October, all of these but the shop and car rental was closed. The whole area was very quiet and I’m not sure if this is usually the feel, or whether things had been closed down without thought to how it looked, but it all felt a bit scruffy with rubbish and half finished projects just left out and about.

This was probably due to the recent high winds!

The other thing to realise is that you’re at the bottom of a very big hill and so whilst your maps may say it’s only an hour’s walk to the next village of Pelekas, it’s an epic climb up a zig-zagging road. I love a walk, but wouldn’t have attempted it.

However, there is a public bus which could stop at the top – and it would only cost you a euro or so.

Speaking of which, let’s talk about transport.

Getting to the hotel

For us, there were 2 options for getting to the hotel.

A private transfer

I emailed the hotel who offered to book us a €50 private transfer that would pick us up at the airport and bring us straight to them.

I went into full money saving mode checked if there were any shared transfers available (there weren’t) before googling Glyfada taxis and finding two local firms that could do the same journey for €40. I ended up booking with CorfuTaxi24.

I did also check GetTransfer and Holiday Extras for quotes but it didn’t return anything cheaper than that and I’d always rather buy direct.

The public bus

The other option is to take public transport which is possible, but there’s not loads of buses so you’d need to be pretty lucky with your times (which we weren’t unfortunately!).

There’s a bus at the airport that takes you into Corfu Town in for €1,10 and then you’d need to catch another bus – a Green Bus – to Glyfada for €2,20.

You could also walk around 20 mins from the airport to a Green Bus pickup point but I’d only recommend that if it wasn’t too warm and you had light luggage!

Whilst we took a taxi to the hotel, we did get the Green Bus with our suitcase back to Corfu Town on our way home and were surprised to find it was a MASSIVE COACH.

We got dropped off in San Rocco Square where we had breakfast, before flagging down a taxi to take us the 5 minutes to the airport (which cost a HUGE €15 thanks to airport fees – but still a cost saving overall).

Free hotel shuttle to Corfu Old Town

If you, like us, fancy a trip to Corfu Old Town during your trip, the great news is that the hotel offers a free shuttle. 

Whilst we were there, it left at 11:30am and 3pm and did a pickup to go back at 5:30pm.

You will need to book as it’s not a big minibus and it does fill up – but what a brilliant AND FREE service!

We ended up staying all day and into the night and just getting a taxi home which cost us €40.

It’s definitely worth a day trip.

Final Thoughts

Quick recap!

For those of you who have skipped here (I don’t blame ya) we stayed for 7 days in October 2021 in a Sublime Sapphire One Bedroom Suite for £728pp.

This was a half board rate but the room is part of the Haute Living Selection so we got access to a lot of extra perks including 3 course dinners and a free food and drink room. We also got a Twotogether Package included which offered more ‘freebies’ including a cocktail, a spa treatment and a meal.

Was paying for Haute Living Selection worth it?

For us, 100% with the biggest win being the Haute Living Room.

It meant we didn’t have to buy lunches and we rarely spent money on drinks thanks to their great supply of drinks in the room. 

In addition, I also think it stopped us spending when we normally would as instead of ordering lots of drinks at other points of the day, we’d opt for a soft drink instead and save our drinking for back in the room – which meant I had 0 hangovers.


Plus, having the option to eat at different restaurants was great as the food was significantly better than Agora.

And so given that the additional cost of around £25 each a day, we more than got value out of it on food and drink alone, even forgetting the bigger and better room.

How much extra did we spend?

Great question – and this is what I was worried about. What if we’d spent a lot on this holiday (it’s a lot for us at least!!) and then ended up spending a fortune on top of it?

Well, at the end of the week, our final bill came up €170.

€30 was the hotel tax and so for €10 each a day – which mostly went on sparkling water and the odd beer or wine at dinner and tips for the staff – I was really happy with that.

If you’d like a full breakdown of everything I spent and everything we got for our money, I’ve shared it all in my travel money diary.

Would I recommend Domes of Corfu?

The big ol’ question.

I think if you’re wanting to get away and not do a whole lot, then it’s a great option. I think given the price, it’s a nice hotel, with great service and decent enough food. 

I think if you’re going expecting for the ultimate luxury experience, you will be disappointed but if you can roll with the minor flaws, you’ll be grand.

I would recommend you spend just a little bit more to get a sea view room and if you’re keen drinkers like us then you may well find good value in the Haute Living Selection rooms too.

Would we go again?

We’re not repeat holiday goers so it would have to be somewhere really special for us to want to return so the simple answer is no – but it’s not that we didn’t enjoy it!

Overall, it’s just not my type of holiday (which I knew when I booked it) and by midweek I was pining for exploring the island and having a more local experience. You could easily combat this by hiring a car (from the airport it was only £70 for the entire week) but since this was supposed to be a ‘relaxing holiday’, I was really trying to give it a go!

James, however, really enjoyed it as a whole and said it’s the most chilled he’s felt after a holiday in a long time. Which is fair, as I’m normally dragging him across a country on some road trip!

I also felt really chilled after it and had even managed to read 2 books so – there’s definitely a win in there for me too.

I think in the future, I would book a hotel like this again but perhaps just for 3/4 nights and combine it with a stay in a town or city so that I could get my local fix too.

What's the best way to book?

If you’re interested in staying at Domes of Corfu for yourself, there are lots of different ways to book and I recommend checking the following to see who has the best price.

Hotel only
Holiday Packages

Did that help?

I really hope so – I know how confusing all the rules can be at the moment!

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