Explore the Paris Canals Whilst Sampling Great Food and Drink!


Starting at La Villette (where we had just been to see an exhibition) we spent a wonderful afternoon moseying down the canals and stopping off at the many cafes and bars that litter the waterway.

There are huge pedestrianised pathways, and you can also spot locals playing boules or outdoor table tennis. During our walk, we stopped off at Paname Brewing Company, Péniche Antipode, and Point Éphémère where they also had a pop up record store.

There’s also a place here to hire boats (can’t remember the name but it’s deffo in this area!) – though perhaps stay away if you’ve had a few drinks already!

We ended up in Canal Saint Martin which is a beautiful area with so many places to eat and drink – I recommend Gros Bao for – you’ll never guess – bao! And Boutique Libertie for amazing patisseries.

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About Chelsea

Find out a bit more about what I do.