AirFly Duo

AirFly Duo


Ever been on a flight and realised you can’t use your favourite headphones to watch the films, instead having to resort to the flimsy earphones that are supplied?

Well this is an issue no more thanks to AirFly, a company who have created bluetooth wireless transmitters that link your headphones with the screen on board.

Their standard model, AirFly SE (£39.99), works for just you, but I’d personally spend the extra fiver to opt for the AirFly Duo (£44.99) which will allow you to share your audio with someone else. For me, it means that I can watch something from my iPad or Laptop with someone else – something I’ve been unable to do since swapping my headphones from Apple to Sony!

I’ve found that the sound can cut in and out at first, but does tend to settle down. Also, if your headphones are already paired with several other devices, this can impact the connectivity. In this case, just unpair other devices to help it work better.

If you need to wirelessly receive audio from gaming devices, phones or tablets through wired speakers/soundbars, rental cars or sound systems then you may want to opt for the AirFly Pro (£49.99). This is actually the model I have as it’s all that was in stock, but I probably won’t ever use the extra features.

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