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The Best Things To Do In Wrocław

Go for a Massage in Wrocław

Orchid Style Wrocław

One of my favourite things to do when going on holiday in Poland is… go for a massage!! They’re so much cheaper than going to get one in London.

Whilst in Wroclaw, I visited Orchid Style where I got a hot stone massage for 210 zloty – which was around £40.40 at the time. I also visited Beauty Balinese Boutique for a 30 minute reflexology massage which cost 100 zloty (£19.25).

However, the cheapest massages I found, though I didn’t get to experience them, were at Bali Spa Wroclaw. Here a 30-minute foot massage was only 89 zloty – not bad for £17.13.

For both the massages I got, I didn’t book but instead just turned up though if you’re less flexible with time, I would recommend booking ahead.

Climb St. Elisabeth’s Church for a View of the City

St Elizabeth's Church, Wrocław

Warning – we did do this and omg, the steps are so steep and so many, it’s a proper workout!! However, once you’re up there you do get a 360 degree view of the city.

Whilst you can’t take cute photos of yourself up there (the bars make it look like you’re in some kind of prison), it’s a great place to get aerial shots of the beautiful Market Square.

It cost 15 zloty (£2.88) each – you can only pay in cash from a little hut that’s outside the church so make sure you have some on you.

Cruise the City on a Wroclaw City Bike

Wrocławski Rower Miejski - 15046 "Drobnera/Dubois"

There’s no better way to get around a city while taking in some fresh air, and exploring the sites, than hopping on a trusty bike. It’s even more handy when the city has hundreds of bikes available to rent!

Wrocławski Rower Miejski” is Wrocław’s bike-sharing program. You can rent bikes for a short spin around town. Users can pick up a bike from designated stations, ride to their destination, and return the bike to any station within the system!

The great part is that the first 20 minutes of your ride are absolutely free, with fees after that time still super cheap. The next 40 minutes is then charged at 3 zł (£0.58), and 6 zł (£1.15) for another hour.

The best way to access the city bike service is to sign up via the app, put your card details in and use the app map to locate a bike rental station near you.

Go on a Lower Silesia Tour From Wroclaw

Wrocław Market Square

Poland’s Lower Silesia region is known for its many palaces and castles, its interesting WW2 history and also its stunning landscapes. With this full-day tour, you’ll get picked up from your hotel before heading down to the region on minibus.

The first stop on the tour is The Church of Peace, a UNESCO-listed wooden Protestant church built in the mid-17th century. You’ll then move on to Książ Castle, the third largest castle in Poland, before heading to The Wałbrzych Palm House and Świdnica’s Market Square.

Tour prices start at £112.36 per person.

Visit the Neon Side Gallery

Galeria Neon Side

The Neon Side Gallery has set up shop where the old Reklama enterprise, which once produced neon signs, used to be. Otherwise destined for dump heaps, the Neon Side foundation has brought these signs together to keep this aspect of the city alive!

Swing by Ruska 46c and you’ll spot around 30 neon signs from all sorts of places like businesses, shops, and even bars and cinemas. So it’s the perfect spot for an evening out in the city!

We went on a Saturday night and the place was ALIVE. The tables outside were full and the sound of music was thumping through the courtyard from the several clubs that open out to it.

However, it was a different story on a colder, wetter Monday night where we were the only ones there! And whilst it had lost some of its buzz, it was amazing to get some photos with the incredible neon lights.

Find the Last Lamp Lighter on Cathedral Island

Tumski Bridge Wrocław

Cathedral Island has kept its old-world charm with gas lamps lighting up the streets and Tumski Bridge. Since the 1840s, there’s been a guy in a top hat and cape lighting up around 103 gas lamps at twilight.

James and I were wandering back from a day out exploring when we just happened to stumble into the lamp lighter! He was easy to spot thanks to his cloak and top hat, though if that hadn’t given it away, the stream of tourists behind him would have.

It’s true when they say that he doesn’t hang about – he whips around lighting the gas lamps as he goes so you better be quick too!

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