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If you've just come from Channel 4 – then this is who I am and what I do.
Whether you’ve just caught me on Channel 4’s ‘Holidays Secrets: Is Last Minute Best?‘ or have stumbled across me another way, let me take a moment to say hello, my name is Chelsea and I’m a bit obsessed with searching for cheap holidays.
First things first, make sure you’re following me on InstagramTwitter and YouTube for loads of cheap holiday tips.
I’ve got a new site in development at the moment so for now, let me show you a few posts that may help you save money on your next holiday.
Chelsea on Thailand Beach
You can also check out some discounts on your favourite brands here too! I also do a weekly holiday hotline on Instagram where I ask you guys to submit your requests and then I go in search of the best deal for you.
You can check out the findings of my last hotlines here.
I also love capturing my own cheap holidays over on YouTube.

And I also post deals on my Twitter too.

Lastly, I offer even more travel perks to my Patreon followers including hotel upgrade templates, behind the scenes footage and access to my exclusive Instagram stories.
Thanks for stopping by – say hello and tell me where you’re hoping to travel to this year.

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