Lockdown ruined your holiday? Claim your FREE virtual travel game!

With the news that England is about to join Wales and Northern Ireland with a national lockdown that bans all travel, I wanted to do something for everyone whose holiday plans have been affected by the restrictions.

And that’s why I’ve decided to give away my travel game for free.

Explore the world from home

Back in the summer, I made a virtual holiday that would allow people to learn new languages, interact with locals and get some travel inspo for the future!

The end result was Dash Across The Globe: Europe where players have to travel between London and Istanbul as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Completing challenges en route to unlock the next stages, people will also be asked to make decisions that could totally change the course of their journey – there are 8 possible endings in all.

The tasks involve learning languages, exploring maps, calculating travel times and searching the internet for answers. It’s a bit of fun and something that you can play with groups too – a good alternative 

 It usually costs £4.99 but I want to give it away for free to everyone who’s had their plans cancelled.

How to claim your free game

To get access to Dash Across The Globe: Europe for free, all you need to do is:

  •  Email [email protected] with ‘Free game’ in the subject
  • Confirm the lockdown area you live in
  • Confirm where you were supposed to be going to on holiday 
  • Confirm what dates you were supposed to be there for

If your trip has been affected by one of the national lockdowns in England, Wales or Northern Ireland, you’ll receive a link to play the game in return.

Please allow up to 48 hours to receive a response (it’s just me keeping on top of this alongside my work!) but in the meantime, you can read up on what the game is here.

This offer will end on Tuesday 2nd December 2020.

Share this page with anyone affected!

There’s no limit on how many games I’ll be giving away – I just want to bring a little bit of fun to what I know is a challenging time for many.

Want to say thanks?

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